Dirty Erotica - That Kind of Date

Getting aroused in public is sure challenging for some. Well, not for Brigette! You might want to reconsider this kind of date and give her a shot. Tune into this episode and imagine both the hassle and fun.   Feeling naughty after listening to this week’s episode? Adam and Eve is giving you a special offer. Visit their online shop and enter the promo code Dirty10 at the checkout and they will give you 50 percent off on almost any single item. There will also be free gifts, including a free ship

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My name is Bridget. I am a 26 year old blond with an awesome body that I'm not afraid to show off. I'm also not ashamed to say that I'm a cock tease with a Capital C. My favorite pastime is arousing my dates in public watching them get a hard-on and trying to get rid of it as I continue to make them hornier.

Recently, I went to a friend's party alone looking for an adventure. I took my time and chatted with a bunch of guys until I settled a candidate. I discovered that the 6 ft tall object of my attention was named Keith and I guess that by the shape of his jeans he had a pretty good size dick. I began small talking him about movies, you know, casually mentioning certain love scenes that made me hot in the past when I whispered in his ear that my nipples were getting hard just talking about this. He looked at me strangely and I could tell he was wondering if I was serious or not. He looked at my tits. Oh, I was wearing a loose-fitting silk tank top and there was no question. I was serious

My pussy began to throb as he stared at my erect nipples, so I decided to give him a little present. I turned my back to everyone else in the kitchen and slowly leans forward as if my short skirt needed rearranging when I bent forward Keith had a fabulous view of my swinging breasts. I glanced at his jeans and saw the beginning of an expanding Balls by this time. The kitchen was filling up and someone was trying to get by behind me. So I pressed closer against Keith to let this guy through I could feel his huge erection building and wanted to suck him off right then and there to be honest. I put my lips against his ear and said I can feel how hard your cock is. I want to unzip your genes and lick that big beautiful erection of yours.

Keith leans back against the counter and pulled me closer to him so that no one would see his hard-on. He said that we should go to his place as soon as he calm down when we stood there drinking our cocktails for a minute until I gently took his free hand lifted my mini skirt and guided his fingers to my already dripping cunt as people push me to get by I've heard of my legs a little impressed his fingers to my clit. I had no panties on and was already coming like crazy before Keith knew what happened. I stepped away and pulled my skirt back down. He was standing there in amazement a drink in one hand and my creamy cum all over the other.

I decided I teased him enough. I let him into my friends small laundry room.

Undressed him and let my pussy swallow his cock with Juicy. He's I pumped my cunt on to him harder and faster until he pulled out and came all over my chest. Oh, yeah, it has been quite a successful evening. So we exchange numbers. Hopefully next time we'll meet we'll have dinner where I can slip under the table and give him the blowjob of his life.

I think I need a shower after that one. Wow, you know, there's an Adam and eve.com and grab something sexy for yourself Adam and Eve has all the best sex toys and gear to make your fantasies a reality. This is Adam and eve.com and enter promo code dirty 10th to take 50% off any single item received 10 free gift and get free shipping on your entire order. I love to know what you get and what you think about this week's episode until next week keyfit 30.
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