NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-28-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 08-28-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder reports in Japan say prime minister Shinzo Ave will step down because of poor health. He's expected to speak to reporters shortly Abigail Leonard has more from Tokyo speculation. This news was coming after he went to the hospital twice in a week. This was the second time. I'll be had to step down for health reasons. The first was in 2007 after serving just a year he took office again in 2012. I'll be over saw the recovery of the country after the devastating 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster and you successfully navigated us. Sometimes thorny relationship with President Trump. He was not able to fulfill his long-held goal of revising the pacifist Constitution though.

I vote for his successor will likely happen next month for NPR news. I'm Abigail Leonard in Tokyo Tokyo reverse course in Friday trading and closed down with a 1.4% on the last night of the Republican National Convention President Trump offered a blistering critique of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden and beer so you should Roscoe reports a trump said he will protect Americans from crime and rebuild the US economy, vice president will be controlled by far-left politicians Trump blame democrats for violence in US cities and said electing buy them would lead to more unrest is the Democrat Party want to stand with anarchists agitators riders looters and flag burners that is up to them. But I as your president will not be a part of it ahead of time.

Speech by then push back against Trump's Law & Order message and TV interviews. He pointed out that crime is climbing right now with Trump as president ice Roscoe NPR news. Hurricane Laura made landfall along the Louisiana coast near the Texas border as a powerful category 4 storm more than 24 hours ago killing at least half a dozen people and leaving behind widespread damage. Kim eagleson lost her home and Grand Lake everything.

Everybody I hope Community everybody wants to come strong is Hurricane to ever hit the US packing 150 mile per hour winds or is there no dumping heavy rain in Arkansas hundreds of miles Inland prosecutors have charged a seventeen-year-old from Illinois, the fatal shooting of two people in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the wounding of 1/3 during Tuesday night's protest following the police shooting of a black man the charges against Kyle Rittenhouse were filed Thursday. They're all felonies in Rittenhouse could face mandatory life sentence. If convicted of the most serious first degree intentional homicide, this is NPR news.

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison says he's open to discussing Brother printer and should serve his sentence in his home country taranto's from Australia. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the killing of 51 bowls of worshippers at two mosques in New Zealand or since has no official request has been made by New Zealand authorities, but that his government is open to allow a train to serve his sentence in Australia test and gave the University of Arizona in early alert to potential covid-19 cases on campus Christopher Conover with Arizona public media reports, every dorm on the University of Arizona campus has its waste water tested for the presence of the novel coronavirus this week the system alerted to a dorm housing 300 students University of Arizona president. Robert. Robin says officials tested all the residents and found to asymptomatic students. In fact found cases that no one would have known about and the end and now we're contacts

Tracing all of their contact to find out how many other students may be positive in asymptomatic. The two students were placed in an isolation dorm on campus testing identified dozens of cases before University of Arizona students were allowed to move into the dorms for NPR News on Christopher Conover in Tucson, Arizona. Arizona is Hall of Fame basketball. Coach Lute Olson has died on since family says he died Thursday evening. It was 85 a causes unclear also spent Twenty Four Seasons at the University of Arizona and his teams made for the 20th straight appearances in the NCAA tournament. This is NPR news.
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