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I can't really tell my boyfriend or my girlfriend's at what happened last night, but I can't take it anymore. So I'll just tell you but keep it a secret. Okay, I'm a nineteen-year-old South it was just accepted into a really great sorority and I just moved into the sorority house, which is pretty cool and I had a lot of fun with all the girls. I now call sisters during the selection process my girl Santa scene to pay very close attention to me. I wasn't surprised when she selected me to be her roommate at the sorority house in the last night's the sisters through a party for the new members and a wart schoolgirl skirt and knee socks and tight baby doll t-shirt as I was getting dressed my new roommates in a came into the room and look me up and down. You look great. She said I could stare at you all night. I blushed and asked what the sisters had in store for us new members tonight.

I just looked mysterious and said it's a secret, baby.

Downstairs at party is started and there were no boys there only the girls from the sorority and everyone was dancing and and I had a few drinks and was feeling pretty buzzed when Center walked in alcohol are not I thought she looks stunning. She's about 5 foot 9 with medium-length dark hair that she usually wears in ponytails and she has long legs and curvy size even more incredible are huge perfectly round hits. She walked in wearing a tight mini-skirt and even Tire top showing her flat belly. I was embarrassed how attracted I was she said hi to everyone I you guys and then kiss me right on the lips.

You look hot. She said I don't know if it was the booze or the fact that I haven't had sex with my boyfriend in a few weeks, but I was feeling really turned on and curious want to dance. She said as she grabbed my hips and started moving my hips for that baby to raise your arms in the air while their nipples got fired from moving underneath tight shirt, and then she dance behind me and her breast against my back and her hands travel the front of me during over my hips and tell me I'm suddenly she spun me around my smokes in our room come with me to get them. She whispered in my ear.

She took my hand and led me upstairs and oh my God, I didn't know what to think what was going to happen. My mind was racing and I starting to feel you're tangling with a guy and as soon as we got inside.

And it pulled me close and settings into my ear. I'm going to welcome you to the sorority and show you what it's like to be my roommate and fingers slipped underneath my short skirt and blue and it's dark inside us, which I think you're ready.

Smiling and I can even completely to Passion as I can speak a more urgent and intense by the second and she took my hands and encouraged me to touch them and I did and I pinched her hard nipples to her black lace bra or hand cut my cunt for Amelie Nancy kiss again. And again, I thought I'd fall the floor with excitement.

Interpol my t shirt off and lower head to take my nipple in her mouth

I had

she could pick me over the end of the day after my hair all over my face and lean back and guess I felt her hot wet till noon to write plus. He's already hard and throbbing back in is how old is Emma Rose are in closer and finally broke free and climbed on top of her locked in a tongue kisses are pussies grind together so I could suck on her massive beautiful tits and pleasure.

16 hours later she married to stay in my ears and I student loan with my body over here. And I never talk to another girl's pussy before understand excited me and I do write on it.

And I ran my tongue over the length of her what's late twenties have my finger in her earring hole call. My name my current Frenzy.

Hang up alone. I thought I'd try Adventure but then I found a note on the desk where I had been pleasured. That's it. Stay home tonight lover. I have plans. You won't want to miss should I tell my boyfriend or the other girls in the store? I don't know. I just know that tonight. I'll be right here waiting.

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