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NPR News: 08-28-2020 11PM ET

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It might seem impossible. But even now you can get the pandemic updates you need alongside uplifting moments that keep you going stay connected with stories for every side of you from NPR and your listener-supported local NPR station.

Live from NPR news on Nora raum in Louisiana hospitals and nursing homes are being evacuated following hurricane Laura without the near Prospect of water and electricity NPR's Wade Goodwyn reports from one of the hardest-hit areas of storm. Surge. And what you get is Cameron Louisiana for many homes. It was the wind that was the primary Destroyer taking off roofs and caving inside walls leaving total losses in her wake the wind also broke Power & telephone line 400,000 are without power and 200,000 have no water either in Lake Charles and along the coast hospitals and nursing homes are evacuating because of the lack of infrastructure Wade Goodwyn NPR news, Cameron, Louisiana, California. Firefighters are making progress against Wildfire, San Francisco Bay Area.

Evacuation orders have been lifted for tens of thousands of people utility crews are trying to restore power and water and heavily damaged areas across the state hundreds of fires have burned more than a million Acres this year at least seven people have died record high temperature is have exacerbated a drought and Trigger lightning II started many the fires Facebook. CEO says The Social Network made a mistake and how it handled a Wisconsin militia group that broke its rules NPR's Shannon Vaughn reports. The group had called for armed civilians to respond to protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook failed to remove the page of a group calling itself, the Kenosha guard when the company first received complaints it did eventually remove the page for violating its policy on my wishes. But only after two people were shot dead at Tuesday's protest Zuckerberg stole Facebook employees. That delay was a quote operational mistake and said the company is working to identify more.

Actually dangerous groups are page or have been invited to the event Shannon Bond NPR News San Francisco today. He continued some of his assertions made during the Republican convention this week that a Biden presidency would put Americans in danger.

Guy doesn't know he's alive President Trump narrowly lost a Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire four years ago. And it's behind Joe Biden in the polls. This year has closed higher today the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 161 points the NASDAQ climbed 70 points and the S&P 500 Rose 23 points. This is NPR news.

Casino operator MGM Resorts says it will lay off 18,000 of his employees starting Monday. That's about a quarter of its us staff. The company says it's been hurt by travel restrictions imposed because it of the coronavirus pandemic the president of Belarus Alexander lukashenko remains defiant as the European Union punishes his regime for human rights violations against peaceful protesters NPR's Lucy and Kim reports neighbors and their NATO Allied the United States headed towards the Russian President Vladimir Putin for support at the same time. His political opponents left in Belarus are coming under increasing pressure as Lucas mango Brands them foreign Stooges and rejects appeals for dialogue the main opposition candidate in the disputed presidential election Sad Llama take an Oscar has been forced to leave Belarus and her allies inside the country face prosecution and

Sitting by investigators on Thursday activist a more than 260 people were detained among them 50 journalists covering the protest in the capital Minsk more rallies are expected this weekend Lucian Kim NPR news Moscow today Mark the anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington for jobs and freedom where Martin Luther King jr. Deliver his famous. I Have a Dream speech civil rights Advocates gather the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to observe the occasion a smaller group and might have been expected because of Washington's pandemic restrictions that limit out-of-state visitors. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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