Snacks Daily - “Apple should buy Warby Parker” — Walmart & Microsoft might adopt TikTok. Warby Parker hits $3B. Amazon’s 1st fitness gadget.

Since every company you know is trying to buy TikTok, an odd couple is trying to make it happen together: Walmart and Microsoft. Amazon is tired of looking at its Apple Watch, so it whipped up its first ever fitness gadget that has eyes and ears. And our “Unicorn of the Day” is Warby Parker, which we think would look really nice on Apple. $WMT $MSFT $AMZN $AAPL Want a shoutout on the pod? We got the form for Snackers to fill out right here: Learn more about yo

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This is Nick. This is Jack. And this is snacks daily. It is Friday, August 28th. Necker's fires are still raging in Northern California. VA just made a bold statement in support of black lives matter to still make this a t boy before the weekend for your snack or Jack first story when we got for Everyone by the company, but also Walmart and Microsoft want to be the new mom and dad of tick tock, tick that makes Alexa look anti-socials Halo think straps your body judges your voice and then demands you lose weight sounds fun.

Jack we got to go to the day Warby Parker just hit a fresh 3 billion dollar valuation super clear. It's like 92 degrees in both New York City and California, 1 seconds actors of third person in the room with us. It's humidity, but we just got a big update about the ski season, which is coming up as early as November stocks and Vail Resorts is the publicly traded company that gives you exposure Freshies or iced cookies depending on the conditions now for some reason this company ticker symbol isn't ski know but it's also the least expensive part is gang is Vail Resorts actual stock shut down aggressively. So their business was in jeopardy with Kobe. They spent the entire summer coming up with a plan to how to reopen this fall. Will Jack and I are proud to announce to you skiing. It sounds like it's going to happen this winter with a few adjust. Well, first of all, you literally have to wear a mask.

The good thing here a helmet plus a gator plus a parka hood is like an n95 plus mask. Okay, the second rule only two people are allowed per chair lift in all of their Resorts is resort in mind the gap and lower the safety Bart no more Awkward small talk with you the one plastered you need to make a reservation before you can even show up in a mouth. No more Mount Snow got dumped on last night. So let's bomb on over to Dover Jack. You need to like make sure there's room because of distancing feels a little more like Disney World now not in a good way of fourth and final update we got for you. You can't dump the kids off at ski school this winter and if you wanted the first six, but after that you better get like a Baby Bjorn backpack cuz you're putting the kid out in the back. Guess what's more expensive to take white letter three stories?

By the way gay sex about the hare Reign food is in candy. They don't reflect the views in a Robinhood family. It's all informational just so you know, we're not Spectrum security know it's not a research report or investment advice. Not a security Texas digestive who are first story the same day that Tik Tok CEO resign Walmart confirmed is trying to acquire Tik Tok that's real thing and it could take on Facebook and Amazon 3 months out done. Any more first thing. We thought were talking Kevin Mayer who looks like an active NFL linebacker, by the way. She has like a Bronco Kevin Meyer was at Disney for 27 years. He climbed all the way up to number two.

Past opener for the CEO job. I want to be CEO of a global tech company syndrome no vaccine for that. You see your job at first, but now the Trump Administration is forcing Tik Tok to sell away from its Chinese owner out of National Security concerns. What am I going to do? He's already moving out. I need one of those guys who's already rich because he's 27 years of Disney shares and now he's just looking for a position with lots of power, which is not the lame-duck. CEO of Tik Tok chok. We called each other crazy news this morning while breakfast after breakfast things got kicked up a notch Walmart says, it's joining The Tick Tock sweepstakes. Can we get an associate to check the price for textile? Cuz I think it's at a Walmart price range per charge by the sorry. That's the weekend that Trump threatened to ban Tik Tok in the United States.

Microsoft immediately publicly acknowledged their interest in acquiring tick tocks up with Microsoft in a joint bid cuz Two Is Better Than One apparently write on PDF WTMP Walmart confirmed yesterday. They're interested in acquiring Tick Tock at Walmart stock ended up jumping 5% yesterday because a hundred million Americans use Tik Tok every single month. Also Walmart aquarium. Tik Tok is just objectively excited news. How can investors not push up the stuff we most exciting thing since they made their tube socks 392 if Walmart controls Tik Tok a social media power house. And you add in Microsoft big Tech muscle then they make Tik Tok eCommerce power jack with Batman and Superman like asking hands and a green to fight the Joker together a whole thing is broker by Catwoman. It's like a beautiful image Instagram stackers is already becoming an e-commerce Giant.

Pretty much the digital shopping mall that we swipe through in our spare time everyday is not but could become the same thing powered by Walmart, right? Maybe Walmart makes it super easy. Go by Walmart things just by tapping a Tik Tok Tik Tok and Jack and I were just talking about the other day how they're launching a $98 a year Amazon Prime rival over at Walmart. I think it's called Walmart plus coming out soon and maybe purchases that originated on Tik Tok there Walmart plus maybe they're 10% off. Maybe they're free shipping. Maybe they start paying you before you get too excited smackers. We should point out Oracle like the random software company is the other serious better for Tik Tok and a final decision is due next week. Maybe Oracle should call up Target and offered to be mother and father Tik Tok like Microsoft at Walmart on a buddies over a tick tock who's could kill two Tech Giants with one stone.

Tick Tock sweepstakes a that 40 times fast because it could be a huge win for competition to of the tech Giant's have effective monopolies and don't want Walmart and Microsoft Windows sweepstakes buddies over Facebook and they know that Tik Tok is the only threat to their social media dominant 302nd. He's got in with Microsoft and Walmart as owners. Tik Tok would be an even bigger and stronger threat to Facebook little Northeast over the Puget Sound Amazon. Those Walmart is the only threat to his e-commerce dominant and with Walmart in control of tick tock Walmart would be an even bigger stronger threat snackers the simple fact that Facebook and Amazon probably don't want Walmart and Microsoft to win means one single thing. It means Society in our economy probably should want Walmart in Microsoft Irwin totally different product. We never even had any idea.

What it's called Halo which happens to be my favorite Beyonce song, but it's also the most intimate and discreet health tracker we've ever seen is pretty much an Apple Watch neck, but no screen o just the sport band with a barely noticeable sensor on the inside of the band. It's essentially a high-performance Sports know you're supposed to trap this thing to risk but there's no screen. So it's kind of weird Amazon claims. That's because it will focus on your health only it won't distract you with a screen, of course so that you can focus on your light is like mindful level 12 amazing, you know, Amazon tends to be like low prices. This thing's only ninety nine bucks, but hold your horses available invite-only to Amazon VIPs right now and the uses they seem pretty standard first. You got your motion tracking your heart rate your sleeve and then you got this like points thing going on Jack. I mean, it's it's all about fitness and health neck. So if your

Sitting for too long. They're going to dock you points. I like your health score on the scale Beatrice. Yeah, I noticed that make it feel like Alexa is an invisible friend stalking. This is an Amazon product used wrap around your wrist that also has ears. Yeah. It's listening to your voice and then analyzing your emotions. For instance. If you have an argument with your two phone call with r on it makes sense anxiety and you're going to get a push notification on the Halo app on your phone a jack forget about that meeting. Why don't you take a sieve give yourself 5 minutes to the soul relaxation meditation with whipped up for you to try to be your friend to like help you cool down and handle your emotional and just because it loves tracking stuff when you look in the Amazon app. It's going to say from 2 p.m. To 2:30 p.m. Jack was Disturbed judgmental, please I don't like those labels feels judgy feels like an aggressive life partner.

Has eyeballs. Yeah using the Halo app on your phone. It takes for pictures of your body from all sides of your body. It's going to ask if it can take for pictures of your body. And if you do it's going to ask you to like it down to just your skivvies and take for pictures so that it can scan your car. Okay estimate the body fat percentage on your frame boxers or brief situation. But either way it's looking at the whole thing. It's like Circe in the atonement episode when she's walking like from the church to the red quiche dream the inevitable question for any new device from Google Facebook or Amazon that has a camera or microphone. You know, it's coming. How's this going to affect my personal privacy has every feature is opt-in. It's easy to turn off. It's easy to delete data or not going to sell your products based on anything and all that stuff like that conversation with Ron that got heated at 2. It's between you.

Us and Babies R Us over Amazon Halo Amazon is missing a 24/7 product that sits on your person. Can we just all agree that our favorite phase album? It's a great underused technical legally Buy Apple watch and Google and apple get to hang out with you everyday Gathering data on your physical activity day and night but it's creepy now phones Amazon is like riding the bench on this their fire phone with their biggest product failure ever. Once again, Apple and Google are the winters here. They're tracking your location. Your steps are calories from your phone sitting in your pocket all day everyday Bezos loves that you're a prime or paying that annual fee for the Amazon app for like a few minutes a day if that what is Halo goes mainstream Amazon's going to have the data on Amazonia the other 23 hours a day when you're not traffic.

Third and final story. I haven't Parker frames Warby Parker just hit a 3 billion dollar valuation. Not too shabby. Are you to court of the day snackers and recover this because we all know you Splurge the 250 bucks on some Ray Bans Flat Top Gun lock guilty did it when I was 23 did it when I was 26 did it when I was 28 you guys love Tom Cruise look away is that thing is Ray Bans are created by a company called luxotic at which either makes them in Italy for like twenty bucks a pair or China for like two bucks a pair of sunglasses at LensCrafters are Sunglass Hut we're laying on the Nakamoto up a hundred more bucks. And then you finally get those 20 or $2 glasses for $200 because of all those layers of Separation before co-founders of Warby Parker walk in the room in there. Like wait a second too many people in here. We're going to cut out a few middleman. Let's go direct to Consumer. We've talked about Harry's razors in Casper mattresses on this pod before

Where is the Warby Parker of direct-to-consumer the first Millennium brand to literally destroy the middleman? They're replacing the middleman with a really gorgeous website or a store. That is so pleasant gas you want to take like your first day. Of course at not your third definitely kick things off with this now snackers. This company is found in 2010 in lovely Philadelphia selling direct-to-consumer from their headquarters, like out of their business school apartment on Walnut Street. They found a really nice balance really fast by being online and being offline with standard eyeglass frames sold at a uniform price. So interesting down to the online you select five gorgeous frames. They mailed to you keep one you return for offline does 125 different Warby Parker stores. You probably seen him if you got any upscale neighborhood in any City you walk in and it's comforting like a library design by Wes Anderson Warby Parker burrito with a perfect Smiles going to approach you and say hilinski of frames your face perfectly. You have to buy them touching your face.

Profitable companies in 2017 despite the massages and this valuation. They just hit shows that they are thriving in covet by David glasses are a necessity pandemic or not. Interesting about Warby Parker is the price at Warby Parker is a case study in price psychology. Cuz every frame starts at $95 and always has when this company was created by the original entrepreneurs. They price the frames at $45, but then they spoke to a Wharton School of Business Professor who is like guys 45 bike that is just too cheap people are going to take their crap frame. And by the way, they read every single word in class because I tested at

Chemical found is like a professor. What if we did 60 or $70 to arbitrate 60 or 70? Like what is that professor professor? What if we drop down to $99, you're not QVC this isn't like for easy payments of 9999 Professor. What if we go like $92 or $92 sounds like it was precisely optimize buy an Amazon algorithm to make Jeff Bezos Branch. What if we do $95 a frame not too low and not too high and kind of legit. We got to Goldilocks scenario is how Warby Parker ended up at $95. Ironically. This is the same exact strategy as all Bird shoes which are also $95 by the same Professor. Same years award. So Jack, what's the takeaway for a buddies over at Warby Parker? Apple should acquire Warby Parker will let that sink in.

Apple has bought consumer Brands before at critical moments and at similar values remember Beats Headphones by dr. Dre made, dr. Dre a billionaire. How can we forget? He's probably listen to the snacks right now Bullock wired Beats by dr. Dre in 2013 for 3 billion dollars, which is the same price that Warby Parker would be right now and by the way snackers Jack and I noticed that was three years before Apple unveiled are pots. And what is Apple probably going to unveil in about 3 years. Now, they've hinted it would be augmented reality glasses. And what's an affordable fancy eyeglasses brand that customers are good friends over at Warby Parker Warby Parker would give Apple the physical and online store presents for prescription augmented reality glasses. Apple should buy Warby Jack and Jill went up the take for the weekend. Please check if Walmart can make an offer with Microsoft for Tik Tok. I think you and I should make an offer to acquire checked out.

One condition that it's got to be renamed Nick Jack.

Start Amazon blade as wearable device has eyes and ears its price cheap because Amazon wants to be on your person directly from the seller for $95. Apple acquires Warby Parker from more than $95. Don Burger who is in a camper somewhere in the world right now, we couldn't tell that there's a thing in the world called a dark sky Reserve which is a place where lights are banned so you can see the stars perfectly at night turns out there's a great one in Idaho and they're only sixteen of these things worldwide light pollution man light pollution. Now before you go for the weekend snackers, Michelle and Jackson are friends who snap together wood glue UPS, Michelle Jackson would like to start dating you. Will you become Jackson's girlfriend.

Open toll on a new job over in the Bronx and Marie and MJ engaged over Mexico City Stevenson and Raj be met to happy one year of community and a happy birthday Crystal shoe from Hank show China and happy 12th. I smiling Austin, Texas Shanti that you happy half-birthday the end of fieldston Eagle Jack Upton in New York City Mike G from Seoul South Korea at least Machado in Bakersfield, California. Roberto celebrating in Denver, Colorado RP Patel in a metabod India and my kaplinski in San Francisco, California to Los Angeles, California, Eduardo. Happy 23rd and Fallbrook, California, California snackers. What a week. This was the biggest pop we never done if not the best buddies you see this weekend or needs a snack.

Nick and I'll see you Monday. We can't wait if you know, you know

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