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NPR News: 08-30-2020 2AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Nora raum. President Trump says the Director of National Intelligence is canceling in-person briefings to Congress on Election security because he says there are Liquors on the committee's the announcement comes amid concerns of foreign interference in the upcoming election. NPR's Jason slotkin reports house Speaker Nancy Pelosi intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff said, they've been informed that the office was canceling free themes to the intelligence committees in both Chambers as well as the Full House their joint statement goes on to call it a shocking abdication of the offices lawful responsibility to keep the Congress currently informed and the Betrayal of the Public's right-to-know how foreign powers are trying to subvert. Our democracy intelligence officials have been warning of potential interference from foreign government in the 2020 election earlier this month and intelligence assessment identified a Ron

China and Russia as each seeking to undermine one of the two presidential candidates Jason slotkin NPR News Washington President Trump visited Louisiana and Texas Saturday to view firsthand the Damage Done by Hurricane Laura that slammed into the Gulf Coast Thursday in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The president said the Federal Emergency Management agency is working hard to help survivors be delivered 2.6 million liters of water and 1.4 million meals and that's a lot of meals at least 16 people died. The White House has President Trump will visit to nosha Wisconsin on Tuesday the saint of daily protests since last Sunday when police shot a black man, Jacob Lake in the back leaving him paralyzed. The president is to meet with law enforcement and Survey damage from a recent demonstration that I'm turned violent the un's ref.

Gigi and migration agency say European union ports must allow vessels carrying more than 400 rescued asylum-seekers to disembark Joanna kakissis reports. The newest rescue vessel is the Louise Michelle paid for by the British street artist Banksy its crew rescued more than 200 people in just a few days at the Italian Coast Guard agreed to take only 49 on board. Another humanitarian vessel is carrying 200 migrants and a commercial ship has house another 27 for the last 3 weeks immigration. Lawyer. Julia tranchina says these migrants have rights under international law Asylum Seekers with the rights and protection. Once they get to international waters. They have a right to claim Asylum Malta and Italy often cite. The pandemic is reasons to keep ships carrying migrants away for NPR news. I'm Joanna kakissis. You're listening to NPR news.

A building collapsed in northern China Saturday official say at least 29 people were killed and more than two. Dozen others were injured. It happened about 400 miles Southwest of Beijing rescue workers are searching through the rubble for survivors stock soared to record highs again this week despite continued weakness in the jobs Market NPR's Jim zarroli reports the NASDAQ composite index finished the week setting a new record. So did the S&P 500 which has risen for eight of the nine past weeks and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen so much it's reverse. This year's losses stocks Rose during the week after Federal Reserve chairman. Jerome Powell announced a new inflation policy. That should keep interest rates low for longer. Although stocks continue to climb the labor market remains troubled new unemployment claims once again, topped a million and big companies such as Coca-Cola.

And American Airlines announced big job Cuts Jim. Zarroli NPR news in Iowa has invalidated thousands of absentee ballot request. The ruling came in response to his suit by the trunk pan pan that the county acted improperly and sending the absentee ballot request forms to voters with their information already entered a judge in another County had roll the same way. Well if third suit has not yet been decided and they decided cases election officials will have to inform the affected voters to request have been invalidated and they'll need to send another form. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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