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Jared polin photos photos, This is the daily fro for Saturday, August 29th. 2020. The time now is 2:47 in the PM. This is epic episode. Ya episode 316 where I sit down sometime during the day to show what's on my mind with you and you get the show what's on your mind me with me by calling or texting 267-454-6376 your phone out right now. You're not signing up for anything by sending me a text. It is an actual Google Voice number. So I'm not one of those systems where people are getting you to sign up for their wine text or some other thing that they want you to sign up for. I'm not signing you up or anything. I just want you to want to know that you're watching I mean listening and enjoying and if you are you can call the number where you could text the number 267-454-6376 and that comes right through to my phone. I don't answer every one of them that comes through via text or voice mail, but I do reply to psi.

But I do like to know that you are listening. So hashtag text me hashtag. I'm listening. So I'm making this video to Saturday. I'm sitting here at the studio working on a photo book because I did The Real World review of the Canon EOS r v the other day and I wanted to put together a photo book like I do for all of my shoots and it's coming along really well very happy with the results that I got Steven filmed with the R5 with the old firmware as well as with the new firmware cuz we have two different models two different versions one with the old one with the new I was so we can update them now that the firmware is out officially we could run the updates on all three of the cameras that we have but this video isn't video audio is not about telling you about how that shoot went. It went really well. We'll have the Real World review out. Hopefully in the next two weeks takes more time. We we had like five six different segments that we did in in terms of different shoot, but then one full

Real world shoot that we did and they'll all come together really well and I believe on Monday. We are filming the stand-ups where we talked about the the what it was like using it the pros and cons what I like what I don't like what issues we had what issues might think need to be changed. Hashtag. Did you yawn send me a text? 267-454-6376. I want to know did you yawn it when I yawned be honest send me a text today. I posted a video that starts off with brought to you by drivesavers. This videos brought you by drivesavers. This is not a plug video. This is just me talkin renting a little bit about some of the comments that come in when you do a quote-unquote sponsored video now, I totally understand that. Sometimes you see videos that are straight up advertisements that it's like totally could like a total ad.

We're not hiding the fact that Drive Savers came to me to make a video and I'll tell you who looks at Linus Tech tips. He's done with two three four different videos at drivesavers and for drivesavers to make his following who were into computers aware of the product that they do but you start to see comments. Like this was just a 6-minute add and I comment back wax. She was 5 minutes and 40 seconds are going making something like this is yes, we do the ad because we want to promote the product that we were asked to do from time to time. We do a sponsored video now, we're not taking sponsored videos from Nikon Canon Sony camera companies like that, but when it's a valid product, it's not like I'm doing a sponsored video for

Geez, what's something that doesn't fit in the photo World hair loss supplies like a company came up to me and wanted me to do a photo newsfix plug about their drug for men losing hair and I don't want to do that. I don't want to take that ad so I didn't take that as we turned some of those down but in business things come along that you take because it's good business you build this or you can do business just like you build your photography business or whatever company you're in to make money.

So we're at that point. Of course in this we need to keep the lights on and when somebody offers you something and it fits and you can wrap a narrative around it, they can inform and educate then you were doing a good service. You're making some money to put out a piece of content what you're telling a story that's valid and you're also sharing something that somebody may not have known about that may save them or someone they know in the future from losing all of their data. So I see comments like this is a 6-minute ad or this is just like, you know, what did we do? But this has nothing to do with this one, but it's like what we do before two card slots when we had film did we have two films Lots on my what did we do before the car? Did we have horses? It's like come on dude. Get over this bullshit complaints that you guys have like when you say things like oh, what did we do before we had to card slots? Did we put two two rolls of film in the camera?

And shoot redundant. No, but what did I do before the car? Did I ride at you after the car was it came out that I still use a horse? No.

I just wish people would think before they comment sometimes and it is frustrating. It is frustrating people. Don't let it get to you but you know some things that this isn't it getting to me? This is me venting about it. So you can understand the mindset of what goes through or the things that go through my mind when you read those comments. Now, there's a lot of positive comments not if you don't want to listen to me talk about this drivesavers thing cuz you think it's a plug they're not paying me to make this video dammit this audio. They paid me to make the video. That's why it says this video is brought to you by drivesavers. Oh, yeah, some of the comments right off the bat. We're like you should have told us that this was an ad and I saw that Steven beat me to it and he left a comment. He's like the first three seconds they brought to you by drivesavers. Now, if you go back there's a video by ViewSonic. This is brought to you by ViewSonic when I did the curved display. I am very careful and that was what three months ago during the pandemic maybe four months ago at this point. I'm very rare.

Barely putting out a this video is brought to you by that's fully brought to you by I'm not talking about like Squarespace Squarespace does like I promote Squarespace at the beginning of a fix or promote Squarespace somewhere for 25 seconds or 20 seconds in the video. This is a promotion.

It brings value. It helps me because we get paid for those spots for this type of sponsored video, but it also delivers to let me give you the background and the story so I'll oh my God the air. Let me turn the air off. Hold on one second. Yeah when the air comes on its really loud. You may not even be able to hear it with how I'm speaking into the mic. But anyway, the background story of this is drivesavers came along and they're like, hey, would you like to come out to San Francisco now? This was well before the pandemic and no I didn't want to fly out to San Francisco to make a video going to their facility for something I could just do it at home. So I didn't I didn't want it. I didn't want to do that took too much time then during the pandemic we Revisited it and we thought about doing it and it made sense because

If I can relay a story that actually happened to me and I didn't know that drivesavers existed. Then what happened to me. I could have solved by knowing that they existed. So what did happen I was in London in 2018 photographing Hudson tames doing a song called bigger than us. You can look it up on YouTube bigger than us. It was done at Lyndhurst studios are Lyndhurst studios in London. I believe that was George Martin studio for the Beatles. It's in Queen that movie Bohemian Rhapsody the that's where they're practicing there in that studio. So we were in that studio. I went as a photographer also did some video shooting with the Sony A9 the original. I also took a kit of the Nikon it to kiss with me Sony A9 with all the glass the 2047 7200 whatever I needed for that and I had my Nikon kit D5 or D4 at probably Tuesday 5 at the time, but I also wanted to shoot silent while the kid was.

Boarding in the orchestra was playing so that's why I brought the Sony I didn't fully trust the A9 at that point yet and I still think the quality was slightly better in the D5, but it was going to be I couldn't shoot with the D5 that would make clicking noises, which would then interfere with this expensive recording session. So I have the A9 and I'm shooting photos. I have to have two cards in there. So I'm saving raw files to both end up shooting video and then I'm shooting more video and then I get this error message out of nowhere.

And I go back into the the control room and I and I hit the button to try to recover the card. It won't recover the card. I put it in the computer of card won't mount in the computer and I lost everything from that card. That means I lost the photos and I lost all the video for the day that I had already recorded that I was going to use for the Vlog that we were going to do. So I lost everything from that.

So luckily with redundant recording for photos. The other card was still fine I back everything up because if I did and I was shit out of luck. I would have lost everything in the whole point of me being in London would have been for naught and I lost everything that would have really sucked. Well, I would have lost everything from the silent camera. I still would have had everything from the Nikon camera cuz that didn't crash. So when I got home actually right from there, I emailed the card manufacturer that I was using the people directly that the that I responded with your interface with I said, here's what happened in there. Like when you get home from London send us the card will see what we can do to recover it. I sent it to them and they couldn't recover it. Then they never sent it back. I guess I didn't ask for it back. They said they couldn't do anything. So I lost that video. Unfortunately, I didn't have work dungen recording on for video. I actually turned it off. I recalled doing that cuz I'm like well just do were done it for photos. I should have left it on for both if it gave me that option, but then on the flip side would that have sapped both cards? I don't.

No, so it's better that I don't know. I don't know. I don't like revisionist history. But that's the story in the impetus for the sponsored video brought to you by drivesavers because it's a personal story that actually happened if I have the card I sent it back to them. I be like, holy shit. They saved everything if they could have saved everything from the SD card. So the video is telling the story but then making people aware that a service like this exists in the world that if I knew it existed two years ago. I could have been sent it to them to hopefully recover my card. Now that was a bad card. It's a bad card, but they have ways of taking the drive the the the

PBB I don't know what the hell the shirts called. They have ways of taking the chips off the SD card in the putting it into a new SD card and then making it work somehow because that's what they do. Now if you were shooting a wedding and everything failed and you lost everything would this be a service worthwhile to you? So guess I'm making people aware of a service that they may need or a friend may need one day if a hard drive fails or any storage device ever cousin as disc it's going to be expensive. But if they can't recover the data, they don't charge you but yeah, it is expensive to do I don't know the exact price cuz it depends on the speed that you wanted and it depends on how much they recover so I don't I don't know the exact cause cuz it varies from from from each project. And I know that it can be expensive but if the differences between losing every file you've ever had or recovering it and paying for it and learning from it then so be it but at the end of this video I also go ahead and give a lot of tips for how you can protect your data. So this shit doesn't happen.

Do you so yes, it's a sponsored video. Yes, it delivers value because it makes you aware of something that you may need one day. And yes, it delivers even more value by giving tips and tricks and pointers for making sure that this doesn't happen to you not to have just one hard drive just having an external hard drive. Where do you store? All your photos is not redundant storage that is not backing up that story on OneDrive backing up is making a second copy of that drive backing up is uploading everything to iCloud storage as a last resort in case everything goes back backing up to 1/3 drive that you take off site to a family or friends house that you go recover every once in a while to reload more stuff onto it so that you have redundancy. I talked about how we do it here at the factory. I talked that we have a server that we have a backup copy of the service sitting right next to that server. Then we have a backup backup copy at my new house at my house that's copying.

All the time from the backup server so that it can have a backup one at my house in cases of catastrophic failure. And then the main server is uploading to Art storage online on Dropbox. We have over a hundred terabytes of files mostly video from all these YouTube videos.

I know I don't need to explain it to you guys listening but it does get frustrating and it's why I want to talk about it and I want to talk about why that is that it's frustrating. But yeah it if somebody just doesn't get it. You're on YouTube and you just don't get it that a channel that you follow that put out over 3000 videos in a decade that has delivered so much fucking value and you don't get it and you want a bitch and moan that this is a sponsored video and I should go back to giving you more freecash it which this does give you more free shit and makes you aware of and you that ignorant and that stick that you don't fucking get it then go away. Don't threaten to unsubscribe just fucking do it. If you can't handle me putting out a video like this and making money off of a video like this but still delivering value in the content and advice then go the fuck away.

Right you turn off the TV that you're watching you turn off the Super Bowl because they play ads for you. I'm not saying that I'm making the video. That's the Super Bowl but you do not read a magazine because there's an ad on the page that you wanted to bucking read in the middle of no grow the fuck up you whiny little bitches and by bitch. I mean a dog of some sort uneven. Yeah.

Wait, let me take that back grow up. You whiny little fucking babies like grow up for real like get over. This is this is think for once put yourself in someone else's shoes people make videos like this MKBHD if you ever follow him, he's got 11 million subscribers or whatever he has and he did a video that was straight up sponsored by Buick and I sent him an email and I said good for you for doing this because I watch this 6 7 Minute video that is brought to you by Buick did I care that was brought to you by beer? No because you know what, he showcased a product that they had he showcased some tech which is what he does. He showcased the tech in the video on my I didn't know they had a heads up display that does this my Lexus has one but the hell of a lot more expensive he pointed to things in the video that I didn't know that I found interesting. Did I sit there and pitch that he did a video that was sponsored straight-up sponsor.

No, I'm happy that he did that and that he got paid for what he's done. And for what he's created since he started at like 14 or 13 or however old he was when he started making videos. So I applaud him for doing that.

I have no problem with somebody doing that every once in awhile and that's what people need to understand. We are like I got Steven I got Dan I got for olfactory. I got health insurance to cover. I got bills to pay the factory mortgage the factory rent the guys you don't like. Can you please think if we didn't do shit like this and generate Revenue in multiple sources, then you wouldn't get any fucking videos. And if you want a bitch about my shit go make your own shit and try to do it because you can't the majority of the people that are bitching won't because they just won't they won't take the time the wuss out the quit before they ever get anywhere because they just won't do it. They just love bitching at you for being successful and it's frustrating and it's annoying but it doesn't stop me from doing what I'm going to do. It's a bum out. Yeah, it bums me out that people are going to react that way.

Know that going into it. We know that putting a titled like I lost everything is going to draw some ire of the clickbait people who think that it's clickbait. Did I lose everything will actually yes. I lost all of the video when all the photos on the card that's the point of the video the point of the video and the title delivers gives you information about how you can make sure this doesn't happen to you gives you information about what happens. If this does happen to you here is a solution and tells you a personal story about what happened to me to bring this all full circle. That's how you make a video your always going to get people that bitch. I like to bitching whine and I don't like the bitching wide, but I like to rent here in like to share with you what is going on. So another thing I'm done with that rent. I have started to do some mentorship things if you don't want to hear about this cuz I'm trying to sell you something then go away.

I'm just making you aware of I'm going to it's it's in beta which means I only released a certain number of them and they sold out where I'm doing 45 minute phone call Skype. Sorry. We don't use Skype Zoom calls where people get mentorship. They send me up to a hundred images. I critique the images we talk we talk about gear we talked about settings. They can get any questions. They want answered they can get help over that 45 minutes and a little secret is never 45 minutes. I've recorded what four of them right now without with with people of the of the first beta testers and the first one was an hour 20, the next one's like an hour 16 there. Come on, man.

Anyway, those are 250 bucks. I think I put a couple more in there if anybody's interested in mentorship one-on-one 45-minute calls. You can go to Italy. / hold on.

Throw mentorship bro mentorship and give you all the information you need on what you can do and what you can get their 250 bucks for the call. I do send you the video file when you're done so you could always go back to it and I just think that this delivers a lot of value in the future. I will offer the non-video call version which is more like a rapid fire critique. I'm thinking that's going to be like a hundred bucks. And you going to send me I don't know up to a hundred images and it's and I'm going to go through them in about 20-25 minutes and then send you a video finalized of that the of my feedback based off of what I see. So these are other in business ways to generate Revenue but also for me to give back and it's not like I'm giving it away for free, but you want to get paid for your information. I fucking lawyers. I hate lawyers for the most part. Sorry if you're a lawyer, I generally don't like lawyers cuz they want to charge you for paperclip, but they charge you 250 350 for $5,500 an hour depending on where they are or there until I can answer questions and shit. This is value.

You need help with what gear should you buy you need some advice on that you're having trouble with something. You want to show me a bunch of your work and have hear me. Say what I'm going to say, then this could be for you bit ly / Pro mentorship. There are a couple of ailable still that I put back in there after I sold out of the original batch. If you'd like to do it. Just go ahead and do it. You can call me. Text me 267-454-6376. This has been the daily fro for August 29th 2020. The time now is 3:10. This has been episode number 316. Thank you very much for listening. Call me. Text me to say I don't even know if I said the 267-454-6376. Thank you. Jared polin So you
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