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NPR News: 08-30-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on bar Brookline police in Portland, Oregon are investigating a deadly shooting during rival protest last night as a homicide as Oregon public broadcasting Conrad Wilson reports. A man was shot and killed is a pro Trump Caravan passed through downtown Portland prayer hat and wore a patch and supportive police on his shorts Patriot prayer is a far-right political group that is engaged in violin string pass protest in Portland. No one was immediately arrested following the shooting Portland mayor Ted wheeler said in a text message that he was aware of the situation and was asking people to remain calm and not add to the tragedy acting Homeland Security secretary. Chad wolf says all options are on the table to resolve violence in Portland, including sending federal law enforcement back in Kenosha, Wisconsin remain calm for a fourth consecutive night last evening after unrest over the police shooting of Jacob.

A week ago the 29 year old black man is critically wounded NPR's David Shaffer reports earlier yesterday Blake's family. Let about 2,000 people on a March through Kenosha streets.

On a stage in front of the fence Golf and heavily guarded Kenosha Courthouse, Jacob Lake Senior demanded Justice for an officer firing seven bullets into his son's back leaving him paralyzed. Hell. Yeah. I'm mad late till the crowd. He has questions for Kenosha police.

Write to attempted murder on my child what gave them the right to think that my son was an animal. What day does the right protect something that was back there?

I'm fine with tension still high here. The White House announced that President Trump will visit Kenosha on Tuesday David Shaffer. NPR news. Kenosha, Wisconsin Congressional Democrats are outraged by the Trump administration's decision not to provide face-to-face intelligence briefings to lawmakers about foreign election interference NPR's Mara liasson reports National Intelligence director. John Radcliffe says from now on he will provide only written reports. He says the reason to stop the briefings to Congress is to ensure that the information is not quote misunderstood or politicized President Trump says the reason is that there were quote leakers on the committee's Democrats say this is a violation of the administration's constitutional responsibility to keep the Congress inform the statement house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff and house Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, it was a betrayal of the Public's right to know how foreign powers are trying to subvert our democracy intelligence of

Those have already said that Russia is working to harm Joe Biden's bid for the White House Mara. Liasson NPR news NPR

Clean up from Hurricane Laura continues across the southeast as the region bakes in extreme heat in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Both City hospitals are damaged one is tracking in water and thousands of people have no power protesters across Belarus continue to demand their 5 term President Alexander lukashenko step down from Power 3 weeks after a disputed election NPR's Lucy and Kim reports from Moscow. The government has deployed Riot police to block off the center of the capital Minsk Belarus and turned out despite warnings from the authorities to keep away from Rally's president who claimed the landslide in the presidential election. This month is ignoring calls for dialogue with the opposition and relying on his only Ally Russia for support Russian President Vladimir Putin had his fists phone call with Lucas shanko since the start of the protest. The Kremlin said Putin congratulated lukashenko on a 66

Unexpected cooperation with Belarus to increase in all areas on Friday the embassies of the United States and European countries issued joint statement condemning the use of force against peaceful protesters and saying they stand in solidarity with the people of Belarus Lucy and Kim NPR news Moscow are protesting mask mandate in Paris protesters are accusing French Laboratories of creating the virus in London. They're demanding an end to what they call Medical tyranny on Barbara Klein NPR news.
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