NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-30-2020 11PM ET

NPR News: 08-30-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Nora raum investigation continues into a shooting in Portland, Oregon last night that killed one person. It happened as hundreds of cars filled with Trump supporters drove through the downtown area with a clash with black lives matter protesters. It's not clear if the man who was shot was a member of either Group Portland mayor Ted wheeler blame President Trump for escalating violence Trump is a tag wheeler on Twitter for the unrest Oregon public broadcasting Kirk Van Der Hart has more and a fool in all caps. That is what are the same from the president who has repeatedly criticized Oregon leaders, but on the ground mostly does here actually blame Trump, they say he has acted to divide people and inflamed tensions and they believe that he has goaded his supporters into stirring up trouble Curtis Van Der Hart reporting the protest in Portland have been happening nightly since George Floyd was shot by Minneapolis Police, Wisconsin, governor.

Tony Evers is asking President Trump to delay a planned trip to Kenosha Wisconsin Tuesday the city of seeing daily protests and a black man multiple times in the back last Sunday leaving him paralyzed the president plans to meet with law enforcement and view damage caused by protesters thousands of residents of Louisiana are still displaced after Hurricane La Tortura the state last week and we are seeing Steward reports from the city of Orange parking lot under the Blazing Augustana line of cars hundred long inches through a food distribution line. There's no power here water service has been disrupted restaurants are closed. So Regional grocery chain has brought in truck loads of supplies. They ask people to keep their windows rolled up. The staff is wearing masks. This is what does Astor relief looks like during the pandemic Jessica Doherty cares for grandparents who lived next door.

She said she's trying to keep them from leaving their house. She doesn't want them to get covid-19 Ian Stewart NPR news Orange, Texas Kushner is in Jerusalem ahead of a trip with Israeli officials to the United Arab Emirates Israel, and the Emirates have agreed to establish diplomatic relations NPR's Daniel Estrin reports crystal meth Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and to the US broker deal between Israel and the Emirates is a quote historic breakthrough for peace. Netanyahu argued of other Arab and Muslim countries established ties with Israel. The Palestinians would feel pressure to make a deal with Israel on Monday Kushner boards. Israel's first publicly acknowledged flight to the Emirates if the government chartered flight carrying Israeli and US officials to meet with emirati officials there expected to discuss starting regular flights between the two middies countries, Daniel Estrin NPR news, Jerusalem.

Sedans interior Ministry says at least 90 people have died in recent days in the capital Khartoum after weeks of heavy flooding tens of thousands of homes have been destroyed. The military has deployed troops to help with evacuations and food distribution, most of Sudan's provinces of infected by heavy rainfall in flood since the rainy season began last month. One of the largest ski resort companies in the world has released new coronavirus safety protocols for the upcoming winter season. Stina sieg of Colorado Public Radio reports Vail Resorts has the rules will apply to all of its 34 ski areas in North America some of the biggest changes included new online reservation system cashless only transactions and mask requirements for all indoor spaces and some outdoor ones to John plaque is a spokesman for Vail Mountain the company's Flagship Resort in Colorado.

It's going to be a lot of guests learning how to operate an endemic but we're really optimistic that everything will will enable a great season start in California Frontier news in Grand Junction, Colorado. Utah State University plans to test nearly 300 students for covid-19. After Wastewater samples from for dormitories showed elevated levels of the corner of eye dividers there been no positive test for covid-19 for those dorms. So far classes are scheduled to begin tomorrow for about 28,000 students. I'm Nora raum NPR news.
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