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Good morning. This is Laura.

Welcome to the new corner office the podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work or location and hours are more flexible than in the past.

Please tip is to give your week a fee.

Start your week off right by establishing a focus for your time by knowing what your week is all about. You'll accomplish your highest priorities and you'll avoid feeling like I'm has no definition it does because this week like all weeks will be centered on something specific.

To choose a theme for the week identify a top priority for the week ahead. And ideally this is something important but not urgent, you know, the things you want to spend time on but keep putting off.

Choose one that can become a focal point. Maybe this week is all about planning a great fall program in calendar. This could be the week for writing your direct reports and we'll reviews if you've been meaning to reach out to former clients to inquire about their needs. This could be call old clients week. If you want to start giving more feedback to your team. This could be give more feedback week.

Once you've decided on a theme for the week find a way to maintain your focus, this could be a Post-It note on your laptop that says call old clients week or heading written at the top of your planner or recurring event on your calendar app that reminds you just make sure it's somewhere prominent so that everyday this theme is helping to direct your work.

The theme will help guide your choices about how you spend your time. When we have a million things on our to-do list. We can tell ourselves. We're making progress whenever we cross a few things off. But when we give our weakest team, we have a much clearer idea about what we intend to accomplish if it's Thursday of call old clients week and you called only one I had so far. Well, you know that you got work to do if a meeting finishes early during give more feedback week, you know exactly what to do with the unexpected time.

A bonus of giving your week a theme is that it's easier to capture what you're doing and your conversations with colleagues to if you're asked how it's going. You can talk about your efforts to give more feedback to your direct reports ER or to revamped the About Us section of your website or whatever. It is that you're focused on for the week. Your colleagues will be impressed by your intentionality and your conversations will be a lot more interesting to

so what will be your theme for the week giving your week of theme can help you approach Monday with a lot more excitement and I am always looking for ways to do that.

If you give your week the theme you can tell me about it at Laura at Laura vanderkam. Com.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to succeeding in the new corner office.

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