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NPR News: 09-01-2020 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer President Donald Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin to the downtown affected by recent violent protests wild in the police shooting of Jacob lake or Trump spoke out against what he called any police riots and what he labeled Violet mobs who says have destroyed businesses trouble for even driving also defended a teenage police reporter accused of fatally shooting two men there last week, Wisconsin. Governor. Tony Evers who's been forced to deploy the National Guard to keep order Trump not to come of it fair for the restraining tensions there with winners losing work during the coronavirus pandemic many are at risk of also losing their homes. So the Trump administration's ordering a hold on evictions Nationwide through December is NPR's Chris Arnold reports. It's being enacted to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. The goal is to stem the spread of the coronavirus switch. The CDC says quote for

Mikal, it's the most sweeping move yet by the administration to try to head off a looming wave of evictions of millions of people who've lost their jobs and can't pay rent to qualify renters have to sign a declaration saying they don't make more than $99,000 a year worth twice that of filing a joint return and predicted. They have no other option than home with No, Sora living with more people in close proximity evictions for reasons other than non-payment of rent will be allowed. The government says it will impose a criminal penalties on landlords who violate the band Chris Arnold NPR news. Group is hundred number of coke concerns with a post office directly its capacity to process mail-in ballots for the presidential race NPR Selena white or Alana wise reports agencies inspector-general found multiple problems of the way election mail is being processed without proper barcode technology and outdated voter addresses the report which examined special

Primary elections from this summer says the agency needs to better collaborate with state and local governments the Watchdog also found a facilities did not always comply with election Readiness procedures. The report comes as the non-partisan postal service has found itself in the unwelcome position of being a loyal to President Trump the president and some of his allies have made a number of unsubstantiated claims about voting by mail including ones now directly contradicted by the FBI a lot of whys and PR News Washington keep purchasing managers groups at this Manufacturing Index climb nearly two points in August to 52. Ne reading about 50 to notes expansion on Wall Street today. The Dow is up 215 points. The NASDAQ was 164 points. You're listening to NPR.

How to make her GM which is shifted part of its production capacity to building ventilators to help covid-19 patients cuz it's now Bill upwards of thirty thousand of the medical breathing machines Department of Health and Human Services contracted with GM to build ventilators by August 31st at converted to auto electronics plant in Kokomo, Indiana more than 489 million dollars. How many nurses say they are still facing unsafe working conditions during the American Nurses Association more than 21,000 nurses were surveyed about 40% said they continue to experience shortages of personal protective equipment and close to 60% said they are we using and 95 masks for 5 days or longer those masks filter out tiny infectious Airborne droplets and are only intended to be used once. Dr. Ernest Grant is president of the American Nurses Association.

We need to reach a point in this pandemic or nurses do not have to function in a crisis mode. There are federal guidelines for decontaminating and reusing masks. But Grant says after repeated use the equipment breaks down and is not as effective. Will Stone NPR News Washington after starting the matter for decades of the nation's first atomic bomb test in 1945 or they say the exact number is not known researchers say there is also no way to know for sure whether the cancer rate changed in the first decades after the test was given this is NPR.
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