NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-02-2020 12AM ET

NPR News: 09-02-2020 12AM ET

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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump is pledging money to rebuild Kenosha Wisconsin businesses that were damaged during violent protests over the police shooting of Jacob lake is NPR Julie McCarthy reports Trump toward the scene of the unrest Tuesday and met with local Business Leaders President Trump cast what happened here as quote left-wing violence and deployed us-against-them language at a round table with local law enforcement. These are not actual peaceful protest but really domestic Terror protesters across the country have pressed for racial Justice and police reform at times clashing with police and lately with armed counter-protesters to demonstrators were shot dead in Kenosha last week a seventeen-year-old gunman who claimed to be an admirer of the police has been charged. It's a worrisome backdrop for the presidential election Trump won Wisconsin in 2016, and his re-election campaign seems to have calculated than unvarnished Law & Order message could deliver this date again.

NPR news Kenosha in Louisville, Kentucky, the boyfriend of beyond the tailor is suing the police department over the ray that killed his girlfriend Kenneth Walker's most of denouncing attempts to prosecute him for trying to protect Taylor when for officers stormed to her apartment in March, but the police know what they did.

The charges brought against me Were Meant to silence me and cover up Rihanna's murder for her and those that I love I can no longer remain silent and killed while sleeping on the tourney's for her family are suggesting an attempted cover up by prosecutors who would literally try to get an accused drug suspect to claim Taylor as a co-defendant in exchange for a lighter sentence California lawmakers approve tenant protections for millions of renter's facing eviction due to coronavirus business disruptions as Erin baldassari from Member station KQED reports. He ever came less than one day before the Trump Administration announced the federal moratorium on evictions, California immediately to qualify for eviction relief tenants. Musho. They missed rent because they were laid off for a load or had their hours reduced due to the pandemic unlike the federal ban on evictions. The California law is not limited to people

Louis Iran income but tenant Advocates say the law doesn't ban all forms of eviction or forgive unpaid rent. The CDC is encouraging states to use funds from the cares act for rent relief most provisions of the California law are set to expire February 1st a month after the federal rule for NPR news. I'm Erin baldassari in San Francisco mobile initiative led by the World Health Organization to develop in distributor covid-19 vaccine President Trump pulled the u.s. Out of the WHIO over its handling of the pandemic. This is NPR news.

What town in Alaska is trying to keep the pandemic at Bay by mandating coronavirus testing for all arriving are passengers as KY UK's gray. Kim reports local leaders are moving ahead with a policy the smites possible legal questions. The only way to get to Bethel Alaska is by plane with no roads, the airport serves as a Gateway for the entire surrounding region and unlike other parts of the United States in the Yukon kuskokwim Delta a region the size of Illinois. There's no documented Community spread of the virus. So Bethel City Council Members believe it makes sense to protect the region with mandated airport testing, but the legality of the Mandate is hazy. The city's own attorney initially advice city council members that they didn't have the authority to enforce it. But after pressure from the Regions Hospital on state senator, the Bethel city council decided the risk of the virus outweighed the legal concerns for MPR news. I'm Greg Kim and Bethel in Massachusetts incumbent USA.

Drew Edwards Marquee has defeated a challenge by Congressman Joseph Kennedy the third 74 year old Marquis had positioned himself as a member of the liberal wing of the democratic party. He called Kennedy a progressive the name only Tuesday's primary Massachusetts marks. The first time that a member of the Kennedy Dynasty has lost a race for seat in Congress from that State Street stocks close higher Tuesday the down King 215 points than as a crow's 164 and the S&P 500 at at 26 and after hours trading US futures are higher. This is NPR news.
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