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NPR News: 09-02-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman. The Trump Administration is moving to block evictions as millions of Americans fall behind on rent payments due to the economic effects of the pandemic. The order comes from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. The CDC says it's making the order to stem potential new outbreaks of the coronavirus people at risk of homelessness or who would be forced into cramped living quarters May apply for the relief the national academies of Sciences engineering and medicine has published a draft plan for how to distribute a coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available and beer Salinas him and stuff and reports. This is one of many groups trying to decide who should get the first doses the draft plan from the national academies is over a hundred pages long and runs through Lessons Learned through past outbreaks for the coronavirus vaccine the author suggests four phases of allocation. First in line should be First Responders high-risk health workers older adults in nursing homes a month.

Teachers and School staff are included in the second phase as our people in prisons and homeless shelters the third phase includes children and young adults. And then everyone else the draft is open for public comment until midnight Friday Selena Simmons Duffin NPR news President Trump visits, Wilmington, North Carolina today to tour the battleship North Carolina. It participated in every major American Naval offensive in the Pacific in World War II but is NPR Tamara Keith tells us that's not the only reason for Trump's trip the official reason for this visit. It's commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II for this visit which will be President Trump's 12 to the state of North Carolina. Is it this is a key State a Battleground state in November and according to Trump's campaign. All of his travel has potential campaign benefits in mind and internal Watchdog has found several concerns with the

U.s. Postal Service that includes its ability to process mail-in ballots for the November presidential election NPR's Alana wise as this report the problems include ballots mailed without proper barcode technology and outdated voter addresses the report which examined special and primary elections from this Summer that the agency needs to better collaborate with state and local governments. The Watchdog also found a facilities did not always comply with election Readiness procedures. The report comes as the non-partisan postal service has found itself in the unwelcome position of being a foil to President Trump the president and some of his allies have made a number of unsubstantiated claims about voting by mail including ones now directly contradicted by the FBI a lot of whys and PR News Washington. You're listening to NPR news.

A woman considered one of lebanon's most renowned philanthropist has died lady Eve on Cochran died of injuries. She gone from last month's gigantic explosion in Beirut. She was 98 Cochran LED efforts to preserve beirut's architectural Heritage the berry blast killed nearly 200 people the trial of 14 alleged accomplices and the deadly Charlie hebdo Terror attacks opens today in Paris and fears Eleanor Beardsley reports there been 5 years of investigation and the delay due to the pandemic 14 people are said to have helped the kawachi brothers launch their assault on The Newsroom of the satirical Magazine on January 7th, 2015. The trial also covers The hostage-taking Killing Spree at a Kosher Supermarket carried out by Amity Kuta Bali a friend of the kolaches the 3-day Killing Spree by the about Isis radicals claim 17 lives including some of France is leading cartoonist police led the defendants into a packed courtroom. They're accused of supplying weapons and financing to the terrorist that you

Half month trial will plunge France into a traumatic chapter of its history Charlie hebdo magazine Mark the occasion by republishing many of the controversial Muhammad cartoons, its headline read all that for this Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris members of Estate Commission in Mississippi are making a final Choice today for a new state flag. They've paired down thousands of choices to to design One features of Magnolia. The other shows a shield Mississippi State lawmakers retire the old state flag this year. It was controversial because it included the Confederate battle emblem of a Coleman NPR news.
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