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NPR News: 09-03-2020 1AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens Maxine baker. Novavax has published results from the first human studies of its drug to prevent covid-19 NPR's your palico reports on the results, which appear in the New England Journal of Medicine studies were carried out in Australia 108 volunteers got injected with the vaccine 23 got an inert Placebo. The main goal of the study was to see if the vaccine was safe. Novavax is Gregory Glenn says by and large it was sore arms. Everybody has a headache actions, but not severe enough to stop the study. Glenn says they were also able to demonstrate a strong immune response particularly when volunteers received a booster shot three weeks after the first injection the results appear in the New England Journal of Medicine the company expects to start wide-scale testing in the coming months, Joe palca. NPR news, Minnesota, man is dying covid-19 after attending the Sturgis Motorcycle.

Rally in South Dakota last month a spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Health that the patient was in his sixties and had underlying health problems at least 11 other covid-19 case there's ever been reported and 11 other states involving people who attended the biker rally which Drew hundreds of thousands of people house intelligence committee chair Adam shoe says, his panel wants to know why the Department of Homeland Security withheld intelligence information on Election security report drafted in July concludes that Russian trolls are making allegations about Joe Biden's physical and mental health shift tells ABC news that lawmakers are alarmed about not being informed is the Department of Homeland Security intelligence agency withholding information. Is it being interfered with politically because the president doesn't want the American people to know the Russians are helping his campaign intelligence notify Congress last weekend that lawmakers would no longer receive in person intelligent.

Free things on Election security US Stocks the word Wednesday with both the NASDAQ and the S&P closing at new record highs and Paris Jim zarroli reports at the margin games continue despite signs of a sluggish job market all of the major stock indexes finished higher the Dow Jones Industrial Average end of the day above 29000 for the first time since the pre pandemic days of February and for the S&P 500. It was the 9th time in ten days that it ended in positive territory Healthcare technology and Communications companies help send stocks higher stocks have been surging in recent months despite the wave of shutdowns. The economy has endured the payroll company ADP said private-sector job growth was well below expectations in August. The labor department is scheduled to release the jobs report for the month this Friday Jim. Zarroli. NPR news are lower in free market trading. This is NPR.

The international criminal court says the USA is undermining the rule of law by imposing sanctions on its top prosecutor is Terry Schultz four fours. The ICC is responding to Washington's attempts to hold an investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan isn't Visa bans for the investigation into allegations that US troops and others are guilty of war crimes been sued as US Visa was already revoked for opening the probe. The court says the US measures are quote unprecedented and constitute serious attacks against the court the Rome statute system of international criminal justice and the rule of law more generally the u.s. Is not among the more than 120 countries that belong to the ICC which was set up by a UN treaty in 2002 for NPR news. I'm Terry Schultz.

Edwards is advising residents should be realistic about the amount of time. It will take to recover from Hurricane. Laura Edwards is urging just play storm survivors, especially in the states hard-hit Southwest to heat local. If I see someone again, when it is safe to return to their homes more than a quarter of a million Louisiana residents remain without power Wednesday 175000 others had no running water for says it plans to cut 1400 White Collar jobs by the end of the year mostly through buyouts. The older maker says, it's part of an 11 billion dollar restructuring. I'm Shay Stevens. This is NPR news.
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