NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-03-2020 7AM ET

NPR News: 09-03-2020 7AM ET

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My from NPR news on Korva Coleman the Congressional budget office says the federal deficit has more than tripled this year. That's because of the coronavirus pandemic NPR's Scott Horsley reports that as a share of the US economy. This is now the largest deficit since 1945. The federal government has spent trillions of dollars trying to address both the healthcare and the economic Fallout from the pandemic at the same time many families and businesses are making less money. So government tax revenues are shrinking the result is a 3.3 trillion-dollar deficit this fiscal year and the government accumulated debt in the coming year is expect to be larger than the total US economy. Just buy that river of red ink the government's borrowing costs should remain low thanks to rock-bottom interest rates even deficit hawk. Say the government should spend what it takes to fight the pandemic then deal with the death only after that's accomplished got to work the NPR News Washington there have been protests in Rochester.

New York after police body cam video was released on Wednesday. It showed the death of a black man in police custody the graphic disturbing video shows Daniel prude lying in the street naked he's handcuffed police officers put a hold on his head when he tries to stand and restrain him paramedics are eventually called and perform chest compressions. But I'm. Liz Baker reports prude died. The medical examiner's report ruled the death a homicide due to complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint and the fact that this was ruled a homicide that's part of why the family is so angry the victim's brother and a group of activists are demanding answers during the mayor's scheduled press conference yesterday that they were barred from entering Daniel Prue died in March, but the police body cam video was not released until yesterday that is because his family filed a public records request.

In convoluted remarks to a local TV station in North Carolina President Trump appears to be suggesting that his supporters vote twice and November as NPR Tamara Keith reports that would be illegal in an interview with wcet television on the tarmac in Wilmington North Carolina. President. Trump was asked about his confidence in the state's absentee voting system and launched into this and let him go out of their system voting twice that would be illegal the best way to check whether an absentee ballot has been received is by visiting the State Board of Elections website Tamara Keith NPR news. This is NPR.

The house oversight committee has now subpoenaed Postmaster General Louis dejoy. Democrats are demanding records about delays in mail delivery service reported around the country. They also want to know how the US Postal Service will manage a colossal number of valence from Americans who will vote by mail this fall due to the pandemic President Trump has said he wants to withhold money from the US Postal Service on purpose to prevent people from voting by mail Health departments in several states are reporting more coronavirus cases linked to a controversial motorcycle rally last month in Sturgis South Dakota as NPR's will Stone reports that includes the first reported death of someone who attended the Sturgis Rally more than 460,000 people showed up for the 10-day event that takes place in and around Sturgis South Dakota the rally ended in mid-august and now a handful of states have found more than 250 cases linked to the event Chris Ayers minutes with the Minnesota Department of Health, which has a large share of those cases.

We did have an individual who attended that event who is now passed away South Dakota has found more than a hundred cases. She says tracking infections back to Sturgis is difficult because people who test positive have to notify State Health officials. They went will Stone NPR News Washington officials in Louisiana now say two more deaths are attributed to Hurricane Laura. These deaths are considered to be heat-related as parts of Louisiana deal with wrecked infrastructure and no electricity at least 21 deaths in the United States are now blamed on Hurricane Laura.

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