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NPR News: 09-03-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Korva Coleman social media company Facebook will not accept any new political ads in the week before November is general election and peers Bill Chappell reports. It's one of several policies that has announced Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says his company won't accept new political ads in the week leading to the November election because there wouldn't be enough time to contest any controversial claims Facebook a financial supporter of NPR wants to block attempts to mislead American voters or undermine the election Zuckerberg says those attempts are increasingly coming from within the United States Facebook says, it will delete any post that claims people will get covid-19. If they vote it will also put a special label on any post that says legal voting methods like mail-in ballots will leave the fraud as he unveiled a new policies Zuckerberg warned this election is not going to be business as usual Bill Chappell NPR news vice-president Pence is in Raleigh, North Carolina, and he's participating in an anti a boy.

Turn right rally as NPR Sarah McCammon reports vice president Mike Pence as part of a Battleground state two were organized by the anti-abortion Rights group The Susan B. Anthony list. The group has strongly supported President Trump and advocated for conservative Supreme Court Justices and Senate candidates in response. The abortion rights group near owl says it's launching of five-figure digital Advia North Carolina criticizing Republican politicians record on both abortion rights and the response to the coronavirus pandemic how to prevent the zika virus big Northern advice statement attacking Democratic nominee Joe Biden's record on abortion as quote extremists and noting that most Americans favored some restrictions on the procedure Sarah McCammon NPR news. The labor department says weekly claim for unemployment benefits dropped to 881000 last week, but the agency is using a new method to

Calculate that number using the old method jobless claims actually Rose slightly last week. Russia says, there's no need for it to investigate the poisoning of a Russian opposition leader. German officials. Say Alexei navalny is the victim of a nerve agent attack and fears whiskey and Kim reports. The Russian government says it had no role in this Alexei navalny got violently ill while traveling in Siberia two weeks ago and German Chancellor Angela Merkel intervene to have airlifted to a Berlin Hospital President Vladimir. Putin's spokesman says Russian doctors would initially treated navalny found no trace of poison in the untold German officials provide evidence Russian authorities cannot open an investigation. The spokesman said he didn't know of anyone in Russia who would want to poison the Bounty when is Putin's most vocal critics and peers losing Kim reporting on Wall Street stocks are sharply lower. The Dow is down well over 1% The NASDAQ is down more than three and a half percent.

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Italy's controversial former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi will remain in isolation at his home. He's tested positive for the coronavirus and PR Sylvia fudoli reports the 83 year old and recently vacation did one of Italy's pandemic hot spots on his personal doctor told them Italian news agency the pit was going to just not have any symptoms, but you decided to test for the virus after spending time at his Villa on the island of Sardinia. He tested positive just a week after his close friend Flavio briatore owner of an exclusive nightclub in Sardinia was hospitalized with covid-19 in me long. So didn't you had been mostly spared by the pandemic but in August the summer playground for the Rich and Famous became a disease spreader large numbers of young people crowded is pristine beaches and instead. It's just goes floating the government's safety protocols. So beautiful jewelry NPR news Rome Democratic presidential candidate. Joe Biden is visiting.

So Wisconsin today, he is scheduled to meet with a family of Jacob Lake the black man shot and Paralyzed by city police. Last month. Biden says he wants his visit to be a community meeting that brings people together officials in Louisiana. Say two more deaths are now attributed to Hurricane Laura. These are considered to be heat-related as parts of Louisiana deal with wrecked infrastructure and no electricity at least 21 us Death Or Now blamed on the hurricane. It's estimated that more than 10% of Louisiana customers still do not have power 6 days after Laura hit on Korva Coleman NPR news.
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