NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-03-2020 9PM ET

NPR News: 09-03-2020 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Speer. Worst day since June today with the major indices off sharply lower NPR's Jim zarroli reports. The market was dragged down by a big drop in Tech sector stocks. After days of record games the market suddenly reversed course the S&P 500 Index end of the day down three and a half percent the NASDAQ composite index plunged nearly 5% It was a reversal of Fortune for the market, which is been hitting record highs for weeks on Wednesday the Dow end of the day above 29000 for the first time since February much of the recent gains have been led by Superstar Tech stock such as apple and Amazon, but they were among the day's biggest losers shares of the electric car maker Tesla, which have seen phenomenal growth this year. We're down 9% Jim. Zarroli NPR news.

198 points Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden travel to Wisconsin to Jacob Lake Inn police officer fine was also a meeting with business figure Civic leaders and others hoping to start a dialogue President Donald Trump travel to Kenosha earlier this week, but did not meet with members of Blake's family and largely praise police while accusing protesters of conducting domestic terrorism. Trump is holding a rally in Pennsylvania tonight. The mayor of Rochester New York has suspended without pay Seven officers involved in this fixation death of Daniel prove NPR's Liz Baker reports the State Attorney. General's been investigating the caissons April, but that does not preclude the city from also investigating previous statements about being barred from taking action while the Attorney General's investigation is ongoing saying she let worries over getting legal trouble keep her from doing what she knows is Right institutional and structural racism.

Lead to Daniel Cruz Death the suspension follows a day of protest in Rochester after graphic body cam video was released approved March 23rd encounter with police in it has put a white spit hood on prude the restrain him Face Down by his head and back who died a week later in the hospital Liz Baker NPR news signs of slowing yet again last month. That was after a sizable Rebound in July Institute for Supply management of keep purchasing managers' group says it's service sector index fell 1.2% points last month from the previous one space 256.9 any reading above 50 shows expansion in the service sector wider than the client's the overall service sector though has been improving since the spring when they plunge due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The British government now says it's investing in a coronavirus. Testa can give results in as little as 20 minutes government town again smooth as the latest effort to move the UK to the top position in terms of testing for covid-19 countries Health secretary announced today. The government is expanding trials to New Rapid test is looking at the feasibility of mass testing people without virus symptoms while British prime minister Boris Johnson said, you could reduce the need for social distancing critics contend the government there is not doing enough to isolate those infected with a virus. I like document from the Census Bureau was wanting the Trump administration's recent decision to shorten the schedule for the 2020 headcount with serious errors has Hunter the long reports in an accurate census could lead to unfair distribution of political representation and federal funding for the next decade the internal Census Bureau document obtained by the house oversight committee review.

Serious error is discovered in the data may not be fixed because there won't be enough time representative Carolyn Maloney a Democrat from New York calls this and outrage.

the happy extended time for fortune

Census Bureau says counting is set to end in less than 4 weeks under the wagon. News New York today or Landing the session down $0.14 a barrel to settle at 4137 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. I'm Jack Speer NPR news.
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