NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-04-2020 1PM ET

NPR News: 09-04-2020 1PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein President Trump says, he's moderated a crucial agreement between Serbia and Kosovo and years of failed negotiations. My Administration proposed a new way of Bridging the divide by focusing on job creation and economic growth. The two countries were able to reach a major breakthrough. However, servia does not recognize kosovo's Independence leaders at the White House. He also says Kosovo and Israel have agreed to normalize ties and says Serbia has agreed to move its Embassy to Jerusalem Russian scientist have released results from the first studies of a coronavirus vaccine. They've been developing as NPR's Joe palca reports the scientist conclude more testing will be needed to say whether the vaccine work.

The Russian vaccine is similar to one being developed by Johnson & Johnson is part of operation warp speed in report in the medical journal the Lancet the researchers describe the results from the first 76 volunteers to get the vaccine. None of the recipients had serious side effects. Although there were reports of headache fever and muscle pain and the vaccine appear to induce a protective immune response. The researcher say I study with 40,000 volunteers his plan to see whether the vaccine actually prevent disease although Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the vaccine a success last month, Joe palca NPR news. The labor department says the US unemployment rate has dropped to 8.4% It was driven in part by the hiring of temporary workers for the 2020 census NPR's hansi Lo Wang reports. The Census Bureau is preparing to reduce its Workforce for the national headcount in the coming weeks about in six.

Warriors last one. Was it done by the Census Bureau, which created 238,000 temporary physician in person visits to households for the constitutionally mandated count of every person living in the US to be a ramped-up. It's door-knocking efforts Nationwide last month, but the trouble ministration says it's already started winding down its field operations to prepare for scheduled end on September 30th. Civil rights groups worried about undercounting have filed Federal lawsuits are trying to get quarts of for severe to keep counting through the end of October on to the vice president. Mike Pence says, the Trump Administration is reached a deal with Congress to fund the government beyond the end of the fiscal year at the end of the month averting a government shutdown. Pence's Focus will now shift to another coronavirus relief pill at this hour. The Dow is down 341 points. This is NPR.

NATO is demanding answers from the Kremlin about the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei navalny The prominent Putin critic fell ill critically ill two weeks ago. He's being treated in Germany authorities there say, he was poisoned with a band soviet-era nerve agent a new chapter in the soccer World Saga concerning Superstar Lionel Messi's staying in Barcelona for one more year as Lucia Benavides reports just last week the 33-year old player announced he wanted to leave the club announced his decision to leave the club through a formal letter after War Seasons, which resulted in the resignation of the coach prominent players being fired. The clips president was also Under Fire for his handling of the situation.

Wasn't able to leave his contract legally binding him to Barcelona $20 for NPR news from a ship that capsized Wednesday in the East China Sea. They spotted him on a life raft off a small Japanese island waving for help. The cargo ship was carrying some 6,000 cattle when it went down emit a typhoon. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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