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NPR News: 09-04-2020 11PM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston President Trump is denying allegations that he privately insulted veterans during his time in office and p r e Michel Roscoe reports that Trump also blasted his former Chief of Staff John Kelly as a potential source for the allegations and politically citing unnamed sources the article as that Trump called Americans who died fighting in World War 1 losers and suckers. The story also included other alleged incidents were true. Des Peres. The troops Trump said, he did not know whether his former Chief of Staff John Kelly was a source for the story but that is possible. I know John Kelly he was with me didn't do a good job have no temperament and ultimately he was Peter doubt. He got he was exhausted NPR news Democratic presidential.

How many Joe Biden is blasting President Trump for the alleged remarks he made against the nation's War dead and the speech today fighting call the comments quote disgusting and said that Trump was not fit to be commander-in-chief Biden son who died in 2015 of brain cancer had served in the military fighting has repeatedly cited his death as inspiration for running for president residence in California are being asked to conserve electricity. Once again this weekend and PR is Lauren summer reports in extreme heat wave is expected to put a further strain on the states power grid temperatures could go about a hundred and ten in some parts of California, which means air conditioners will be on full blast. That's what happened in August when the state had to implement rolling blackouts due to high power demand this time State grid operator Saint they're hoping to avoid that through conservation with extreme heat events on the rise in a warming climate critics say the state needs to be planning for that temperature should the crease on

Expected to pick up creating a new round of wildfire danger Lauren summer NPR news the US economy added 1.4 million new jobs last month. The latest figures released by the labor department Today Show. The unemployment rate fell to 8.4% in August Federal Reserve board chairman. Jerome Powell tells NPR that about half of the 22 million jobs that were lost in the coronavirus pandemic are back, but it will take a while for a full rebound. Long time. We going to need loan interest rates would support you can Annika activity for an extended. Of time and

It will be measured in years. Yes, we believe house has it could be years before the Central Bank raises interest rates above low-level the FED / race to near-zero in March disease closed lower today on Wall Street. The Dow is down 159 points. This is NPR news.

The number of coronavirus cases continues to Surge in India Public Health officials today reported more than 83,000 do infections for the world's second-largest. Caseload. India has had the highest daily totals for the last 3 weeks at and nearly 2 million cases in August poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei navalny, the EU is calling for an international coordinated responsible French foreign minister jean-yves Le de Leon said he was appalled to learn that navalny had been poisoned and the use of a nerve agent violates an international chemical weapons ban British foreign. Secretary. Dominic Raab said, it was unacceptable that a chemical weapon had been used Again by Russia a Russian former spy and his daughter were poisoned by the nerve agent. Novichok in Britain two years ago now critics of the creme.

They're calling for a Topper response. The head of NATO said those responsible for the attack must be brought to Justice and the European Parliament called for sanctions over the poisoning and is pushing for an international investigation Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris construction is underway on a High-Speed Rail Project in the United Kingdom British prime minister Boris Johnson today gave the final approval on the 140 billion dollar project with stations and tunnels and bridges are listening to NPR news in Washington.
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