NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-05-2020 5AM ET

NPR News: 09-05-2020 5AM ET

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live from NPR news on Giles Snyder in Rochester, New York last night

Rochester Police declared it unlawful assembly and used teargas following a peaceful protest earlier in the evening protesters gathered in the city's downtown over the death of Daniel prude a black man who died in police custody back in March after officers placed a hood over his head video of his arrest was released this week training Rochester into the latest Flashpoint in the unrest over racism and police brutality. Seven officers have been suspended the city about Portland Oregon is reaching a milestone this weekend 100 straight nights of protest and some police killing of George Floyd the Minneapolis more protests vigils and speeches are being planned to Mark. The benchmarked is Labor Day holiday weekend Facebook says, it has removed a photo illustration showing a controversial Georgia Republican holding a rifle as she stands next to three Democratic house members is known as the squad from Member station WABE and Atlanta Alex sound like reports.

On one side of the illustration Marjorie Taylor Greene is holding a gun on the other side or images of Congress members Rashida tlaib Alexandria ocasio-cortez and Omar with text saying Christians need to go on the offensive against socialist. Facebook says the post violated the platform policy against inciting violence green denies that green is a candidate for Georgia 14th District congressional seat and support qanon a baseless right-wing conspiracy theory that Satan has pedophiles want to overthrow President Trump. She's also made islamophobic and anti-semitic remarks. She favored to win the very red District Northwest of Atlanta after her primary win. Trump called her a future GOP star for NPR news on I'll tell make in Atlanta Nationwide of sweeping Nationwide eviction band is now in place who the end of the year because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was ordered by The Sinner.

For Disease Control but as in Paris, Chris Arnold reports, it's not automatic and there's no money behind it to be protected it rain her seat to sign a declaration and send it to their landlord. You can search for the details at getting help from a legal aid attorneys a good idea also isn't fair because it doesn't provide any money to cover. The Lost rat Greg Brown is with the national Apartment Association greatly about what the damage they're going to want Congress to come up with money for a rental assistance plan. Otherwise, when a temporary ban is over they say millions of people will be evicted anyway, because they can't afford all the missed rent payments Chris Arnold NPR news NPR at the US Open tennis tournament former Champion. Naomi Osaka is among the players who moved into the fourth round, but she struggled to advance getting two and a half.

Hours to Prevail over Ukraine. Smarter Cascio Osaka says, she needs to stay aggressive get myself into bad situations because I'm not and because I'm not the one dictating. So I feel like definitely there were too many times where I was just thinking about, you know, getting the ball back over the court and hopefully she'll make an unforced error.

But it was her Victory Osaka and prove to 7A know since tennis resumed after more than five months because of the pandemic a Confederate Memorial and South Carolina may get replaced with a statue of Chadwick Boseman at least with us. If local lawmakers heat a petition that's gather tens of thousands of signatures and Pierce Neda. Ulaby Ford. Bozeman is best known for playing the Marvel superhero black panther baseball Legend Jackie Robinson, and another beloved Son of South Carolina singer James Brown in the movie Get on Up from 2014 be petitioned circulating on stipulates that the existing Memorial not be destroyed but preserved at a local Museum created by a young black actor who's also from Anderson South Carolina and the petition makes the case that boost men should be honored by his hometown for his immensely popular portraits of heroism husband died last month from cancer. He was 43 years old living

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