NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-05-2020 6AM ET

NPR News: 09-05-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder President Trump is denying a published report that he disparaged following members of the military are is nobody that feels more strongly about our soldiers are Wounded Warriors are soldiers that died in war than I do. It's a hoax just like the fake dossier was a hoax just like the Russia Russia. Russia was a hug resident speaking at a White House briefing saying the reports in the Atlantic is another political attack against him drive several instances in which the president made disparaging remarks Democratic rival Joe Biden calling on the president to apologize. The labor department says August marked of fourth consecutive months of job games indicating continue the economic recovery amid, the coronavirus pandemic President Trump is tying, his re-election hopes to the economy and it's in Paris Danielle Court slave and reports.

Democratic rival Joe Biden is responding to the latest a 2.4 million jobs added in August, but he also added that he is concerned because the pace of job growth is slowing the present watch The covid-19 Ponce botched it badly.

Except in the beginning we can't deal with an economic crisis until you beat the pandemic last month. The unemployment rate fell below 10% for the first time since March to 8.4% However, there are currently 11.5 million fewer jobs on us payrolls. Then there were prior to the downturn Biden still leads Trump National polls, but the economy is one area where trunk pulls particularly well against the former vice president Daniel Kurtz leaving NPR news in Rochester New York to clear it unlawful assembly stemming from last night's protest Against Racism in the police killings of black men, please use tear gas and Rochester in Portland this weekend. The city is reaching 100 straight nights are protests since the death of George Floyd President. Trump says, he's preaching the differences between Serbia and its former Province Kosovo Serbia still refuses to recognize Kosovo did agree to normalize economic relay.

Dentists in Paris, Michele kelemen reports as president and prime minister have each sign statements about going to open up economic ties with each other while they work on that for the next year President Trump's Envoy. Richard grenell says Kosovo will stop trying to gain International recognition and Serbia will stop its campaign to delegitimize its former Province sign agree to work together to normalise their economic and commerce relationship has president made sure the statement he signed did not suggest diplomatic recognition for Kosovo, which declared independence in 2008 a decade after NATO intervene to stop a Serbian LED ethnic cleansing campaign, Michele. Kelemen NPR News Washington eating locusts has hit some Southern African countries already facing food insecurity you and says they're not related to the Swarm that's affected East Africa 4 months each muffin Depot has more

Ferrari the food and agriculture organization says it's warm of millions of the Locust can eat enough food for 2,500 people in a day called in African swarms a smaller than those that it devastated cross in East Africa that UN agency says they must be controlled as they may worsen food security for seven Foreigner about people

the Kentucky Derby will be held today in the 146 Run for the Roses found was 100 days of protests for racial Justice in the city over the death of Brianna Taylor. It was shot and killed by police in her home during a raid at March Ryan fan belt remember station wfpl reports. Any other in the city's history event at the historic Churchill Downs race track will be held without Spectators in the stands.

Is there any side however multiple groups are planning demonstrations in response police have blocked roads set up protest zones and required all officers to be available for work local Pastor Timothy Findley of the justice and freedom Coalition says the police response is excessive how many times people get on television and say we respect your right to protest this is not respecting our right to protest police have arrested hundreds in.
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