NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-05-2020 8AM ET

NPR News: 09-05-2020 8AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder President Trump says, he's reversing a decision by the Pentagon to shut down the military newspaper stars and stripes and beer is David folkenflik reports Trump's move to protect the paper came just hours after the Atlantic magazine veterans apart of the defense department with Independence to determine its own news coverage at times the reporting as proof inconvenient to the Trump Administration as it has for Trump's predecessors Stars and Stripes face the major budget cut earlier this year for some lawmakers move to restore funds a piece in USA Today disclosed at the Pentagon was acting to shut the paper down by the end of the month then came the Atlantic species, which quoted unnamed officials saying Trump Democrat or dad didn't want to see the veterans with lost limbs in combat participate in parades. The Associated Press The Washington Post in Fox News on quickly match the story and Trump emerged hours later than 9:00 those claims the price.

Stars and Stripes to the skies David folkenflik NPR news and Oregon in Rochester New York to clear it unlawful assemblies last night during ongoing protests over the death of black men in police custody Portland marking 100 straight nights of protesting in Rochester. There were clashes for a third night a death of Daniel Pruden Upstate New York raising concerns about Mental Health Care the hospital that treated prude says his death is not an example of systemic shortfalls, but Noelle Evans remember station wxxi reports that proves family disagrees. Daniel prude was seen at strong hospital for a mental health evaluation. His brother says that he was released within a few hours with no diagnosis and no treatment plan the University of Rochester Medical Center says that it follows all standards of clinical care and that it is conducting an internal review Melanie funchess with the Rochester Mental Health Association says, that isn't enough

Walkable by law is the basement. It is not medicine of the highest order. Did they just do the bare minimum of the day do Medicine of the highest order? The Joint Commission on accreditation of healthcare organizations says it is opening an investigation into prudes treatment for NPR news. I'm Noelle Evans in Rochester New York free, Colorado Public Radio, stina sieg, the wildfires entered a new phase in is a chief with a southern area red team, which is monitoring hotspot. We got that fire just go and get big and if our gets out again, well that's just catch and release firefighting and I don't approve of that. We want to finish this thing started by lightning in Late July and at its height caused evacuations from rural homes close to State Highway and sent smoke across much of the state for NPR news and stina sieg in Grand Junction, Colorado.

This is NPR in outbreak of crop eating migratory Locust has hit some Southern African countries already facing food insecurity. The UN says Locust are not related to a swarm that's affected East Africa for moncy shmuffin Deke what has more in this report from Harare about 10 people in the media Zambia and Zimbabwe struggling to feed themselves due to last year's severe drought and the economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic the un's food and agriculture organization says Swans in South Africa are smaller action is necessary to head off more hunger in the affected countries that have launched 50 sites free Netflix on the effective Locust control in access ability to some areas and ecological sensitivity have limited the f word.

CI News I am is my floor decor in Adelaide Australia protest downtown Melbourne and there were smaller protesters protest elsewhere in the capital of the hardest-hit Victoria state where police say, one of the arrest was for assaulting police. While others were arrested or fined for breaching Health restrictions. Tomorrow. The government is to Alpine plans for easing the lockdown in Melbourne. They were put in place an attempt to reduce a spike and infections in Des on Giles Snyder NPR news.
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