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NPR News: 09-05-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein several hundred protesters clashed with police in Rochester New York last night Marchers denounced police over their handling of Daniel prude an unarmed black man, apparently in the midst of a mental health crisis who died last March after officers placed a hood on his head and pinned him down NPR's Elizabeth Baker is in Rochester.

Rochester organizers said it was to wake up there white allies encourage them to join the cause they're in the March headed downtown to the public safety building. Our police are headquartered the furthest couldn't even get within a couple block. Please have black on side of the river and the am pushing back door sensor switch to a gas and pepper bullet cross the country in Portland, Oregon police declared an unlawful assembly last night and made several arrests when the city's 100th night of racial Justice protest was marred by President Trump says, he's reversing a decision to shut down the stars and stripes newspaper NPR's David folkenflik reports Trump's move to save the famed military publication comes just after an Atlantic magazine article elects. The president made the meaning remarks about us War veterans Stars and Stripes was founded in the first year of the Civil War a part of the defense department with Independence to determine its own news coverage.

At times the reporting has proved inconvenient to the Trump Administration as it has four trunks predecessors Stars and Stripes space to Major budget cut earlier this year though, some lawmakers move to restore funds a piece in USA Today disclosed at the Pentagon was acting to shut the paper down by the end of the month, then came the Atlantic species which pointed unnamed officials thing Trump denigrated War dead didn't want to see the veterans with lost limbs in combat participate in parades. The Associated Press The Washington Post and Fox News on quickly match the story and Trump emerged hours later than 9:00 those claims the prison Stars and Stripes to the skies David folkenflik. NPR news stocks tumble this week NPR's Jim zarroli reports. It was their worst since June.

The visit will take place on the market Los ground on Thursday and Friday, all of the major indexes were lower the S&P 500 which it been climbing for 5 straight weeks fell 2.3% and the NASDAQ composite index was down more than 3.2% much of the decline could be traced to a sudden reversal in the same technology stocks that have been driving the market higher for months. Apple was down nearly 10% for the week and Tesla fell as much as 22% before regaining some ground on Friday. I report in the financial times this week said much of the surge in the market in August may have been driven by heavy options trading by the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. This is NPR rescue workers in Beirut are digging through the rubble of a building for a third day. Hoping to find a Survivor more than a month after a massive explosion decimated the Levant.

Capital on Thursday sensors detected signs of breathing the Vatican says Pope Francis will make his first post-pandemic visit out of Rome next month to Assisi the birthplace of st. Francis NPR Sylvia poggioli reports. He's planning to present his vision for a post-pandemic world. The visit will take place October 3rd the day before St. Francis was born the pope gave an inkling Friday up with the encyclical the highest form of papal writing will contain in a message to an international economic Forum in Northern Italy. The pope said the pen debic had toppled the shaky pillars of a world economic model built on the idolatry of money and Domination by the rich and Powerful the social and economic uncertainties It produced he added has made many people open their eyes to inequality and environmental blight Francis said economic should be the expression of a society that refuses to set

Is human dignity to the idols of finance and uses Financial Resources not to dominate but to serve two people Jolie NPR news State officials across the country are ramping up reminders to mask up and socially distance this Labor Day weekend concern the previous holiday weekends of yielded an uptick in coronavirus infections. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news.
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