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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump says he still pushing for payroll tax cut to be included in the next coronavirus a package NPR's Aisha Roscoe report that Trump also plans to resume White House briefings on his administration's response to the pandemic at a meeting with Republican leaders. Trump said the White House is discussing the tax cuts and other potential measures with lawmakers, and I think it's an incentive for companies to hire their workers back in to keep the workers still payroll tax cut to me is very important. We're working on it. He also wants to hold briefings this week about progress on vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus ice Roscoe NPR news Chicago to send militarize office.

Brewster her City and several others Trump is dismissing claims by Portland mayor that violence their escalated after troops arrived a Navy veteran suffered broken bones after being beaten and pepper sprayed by federal officers in Portland Saturday. Christopher. David says, he was at the protest site because of concern over the actions of federal forces there s covid-19 cases or overall crime rates are down in the country. But NPR Cheryl Corley reports that some cities are seeing an uptick and murders and shootings crime typically goes up in warmer months not so during the pandemic says University of Pennsylvania Law Professor David Abrams. He's keeping track of reported crime and major cities. That is website City crime stats. Com the drug crimes drop the most in robbery aggravated assault at home burglary overall crime drop by more than 30% and said, he's like, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Chicago.

What went up burglary at commercial property and car theft and although murders have spiralled in some cities. Abram says compared to levels over the past five years the pandemic has it had a significant impact Cheryl Corley NPR news Chicago, Montana tribe is joining Democratic Attorneys General and environmentalist in A Renewed legal battle over the Trump administration's efforts a resume coal mining on Federal Land is NPR Kirk Siegler reports. The case was initially filed in 2016. The Trump Administration has been trying to reverse an obama-era climate change rule that ended call leasing on the federal estate basically half a billion Acres of public land in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Montana were the Northern Cheyenne tribe mounted This legal challenge among other things. The tribe argues. The administration should have done a full-blown environmental review when it reopen the land to Leasing.

Kirk Siegler reporting you're listening to NPR news.

Members of the US House paused for a moment of silence today to remember Georgia Congressman John Lewis the 80 year old civil rights icon died Friday following up mouth with pancreatic cancer. It remains unclear whether Lewis his casket will lie in the Capitol rotunda. So that mourners can pay final respects. The capital is closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic and we are recently learned that you can llewelyn has died at the age of 80 the whelans image as a toddler en route to a US internment camp became globally famous NPR Karen Grigsby Bates has this remembrance Yukiko Okanagan hayakawa was waiting with her mother at Union Station in Los Angeles. When a photographer took her photo. She was part of a community of some 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry who were scented desolate and then parts of the country after Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. This removal of Americans to concentration camps was later to cry as one of the

Circus points in modern American history Clem Alders photo shows a dazed two-year-old Yuki sitting on a large suitcase later as a married woman. You can llewelyn became an educator an advocate for Asian American studies. She survived by her son and daughter-in-law and three grandchildren Karen Grigsby Bates NPR news on Wall Street stocks was hired by technology shares the NASDAQ composite index jumped 263 point the Dow Jones Industrials ended up 8.9 the S&P 500 added 27 on Chase Stevens. This is NPR news.
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