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NPR News: 09-06-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston.

Hundreds of self-described militia members fill the streets of Louisville, Kentucky Saturday night to confront black lives matter supporters who been demonstrating in the city for more than 100 straight days resident Derek. Dennis was among the both crowd of protesters.

Did the direction that the city's heading at this country's heading and everybody's pointing the finger at each other and I can be dangerous has been the site of ongoing demonstrations calling for justice in the case of Brianna Taylor. The 26-year old medical technician was shot dead inside of her home by police in March in Tulsa, Oklahoma are refusing to participate in a rent program aimed at preventing evictions during a coronavirus pandemic Jessica under the landlord tenant relief program, which use unlimited funding from a private donor and public donations tenants and landlords were required to sign a contract before rent would be covered according to reporting from the Howard Center for investigative journalism landlords hand to agreed not to evict tenants for 3 months and required both parties to seek mediation for non-payment.

Violations attorneys handling two-thirds of Tulsa's eviction say they warned landlords not to take the deal because it was too risky attorney. Nathan Milner says the assistance contract would make it impossible to evict tenants. Even for lease violations Eric Howlett tenant attorney for Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma says, it was free money and he thought the program would save the day Prince ER news on Jessica golliher in Oklahoma City officials at the University of Wisconsin-Madison or putting fraternities and sororities under quarantine following an outbreak of the coronavirus as NPR's Dave Mystic reports. The university is reporting at least 38 cases of the virus from a Greek life chapters located off campus.

UW-Madison officials announced Friday, they were directing students from 94 Trinity and sorority chapters to quarantine for 14 days. They say the nine chapters have about 420 total members University says all of their members of those chapters will be tested Tuesday. And those who are positive will be directed to isolate officials from the University say all other students in fraternities and sororities will also need to be tested unless we have tested positive with in the past 90 days and are not currently in isolation. The university says it will sanction students who violate the directive Dave Mustaine NPR news. You're listening to NPR news in Washington.

Labor Day weekend is usually one of the biggest travel holidays of the year and this year despite the coronavirus pandemic many people are still expected to squeeze in a getaway NPR's Camila domonoske reports. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many American traditions, but the Great American road trip is still going strong AAA is estimated at hundreds of millions of troops were taking the summer virtually all of them in vehicles that people avoid the confined environment of airplanes are road trips have changed in one big way Solano virus Ebbs and flows what we've seen throughout the summer people are booking trips, but they're waiting to book trips. Most of the troops are being booked out 7 days to 48 hours before departure. Our destination beaches and mountains are popular amusement parks. Not so much asking a new study shows the positivity rate for the coronavirus among the homeless population.

In Los Angeles is less than 2% That's just fight about 10% of the county testing positive for the virus in recent weeks, Dr. Anthony cardio and emergency room specialist in Los Angeles says, he stepped the results of homeless people than those numbers could be artificially depressed and I'd be concerned about that cuz he's a highly vulnerable people that don't have access to Medical Care sound experts say the low rates are because the majority of the County's homeless with outside. This is NPR news.
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