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NPR News: 09-06-2020 3AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston.

Hundreds of self-described militia members fill the streets of Louisville Kentucky last night to confront black lives matter supporters who've been demonstrating in the city for more than 100 straight resident Derek. Dennis was among the both crowds of protesters.

Angry at the direction that the city's heading at this country's heading and everybody's pointing the finger at each other and I can be dangerous is calling for justice in the case of Brianna Taylor. The 26-year old medical technician was shot dead inside of her home by police and marched Saturday's protest also coincided with this year's Kentucky Derby with hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside of Churchill Downs many landlords in Tulsa Oklahoma are refusing to participate in a program a virus pandemic Jessica golliher reports organizer say they gave rent to less than 15% of eligible eviction cases under the landlord tenant relief program, which use unlimited funding from a private donor and public donations tenants and landlords were required to sign a contract before rent would be covered according to reporting from the Howard Center for investigative journalism.

Landlords have to agree not evict tenant for 3 months and required both parties to seek mediation for non-payment and lease violations attorneys handling two-thirds of Tulsa's eviction say they warned landlords not to take the deal because it was too risky attorney. Nathan Milner says the assistance contract could make it impossible to evict tenant even for lease violations Eric Howlett tenant attorney for Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma says, it was free money and he thought the program would save the day for NPR news on Jessica golliher in Oklahoma. City's friends recorded nearly 9,000 new coronavirus cases within the last 24 hours NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports from Paris. It's the highest daily figure since the pandemic swept the country in March French Health authorities said the R-rated viral transmission remains at one point three Nationwide meaning 10 infected people are infecting 13 others. Transmission is mainly among

Adults in France anyone can access a Covetous for free and usually without an appointment but long lines are now forming outside of Laboratories and the 24-hour result time has been doubling to 48 hours and Beyond the health Minister says a million people a week or now being tested but critics say test need to be more targeted for more effective contact racing Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris. This is NPR news.

India has confirmed more than 4 million cases of the coronavirus the country is on track to overtake Brazil for the world's second-largest caseload. The death toll stands at nearly 70,000 at least 30 people were arrested in Belarus Saturday as demonstrators held rallies for the fourth straight weekend calling for the resignation that the country's long time is sorry, Terry and leader Charles Maines has more from Moscow was a rig August 9th presidential election on Saturday thousands again march to demand an end to look at them credible evidence of police torture in the wake of the vote has Maine election opponents, as long as he can all sky blue sweater brought him and threats to her family.

Has resisted demands to step down and is trained to neighboring Russia to provide security guarantees. He's expected to visit the Kremlin for talk with President Vladimir Putin later this month for NPR news. Charles Manson Moscow a powerful. Typhoon is battering Southwest Japan forecaster. Say evacuation orders are in effect as typhoon. Hi son brings a heavy rain and high winds to Japan Southern Islands several rivers on the main Southwestern island of cashew are at risk of overflowing. This is the second major storm to hit Japan in a week by Shawn is on track to hit the Korean Peninsula this week. This is NPR.
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