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Fly from NPR news on Shea Stephens or the 6th day in a row Florida's reporting more than 10,000 new coronavirus infections. The update came as Florida's largest teachers union filed suit to Blanca State order to reopen schools or in-person instruction. Next month is NPR's Greg Allen reports. The union argues that the state edict is unconstitutional the emergency order issued by Florida's Commissioner of Education to the all school districts quote must open brick-and-mortar schools, at least five days a week for all students to accommodate family. If you want it you order says the final decision on whether to reopen dress with local superintendent of school boards, but suggests funding may depend on it the lawsuit filed by the Florida Education Association joined by teachers and parents is asking a judge to block any attempt to force brick-and-mortar schools to resume in-person classes while covid-19 cases are surging Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis has defended the mandate to reopen schools that says now it's intended as a recommendation. Not a requirement Greg Allen NPR news.

Miami in a late-night tweet President Trump tells followers that many people say it is patriotic to wear a face mask when you can socially distance the message was posted along with a black and white photo of trump wearing a mask hours earlier. The president announced at the White House briefings on his administration's response to the pandemics will resume on Tuesday face masks are now mandatory in all indoor public spaces in France NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports from Paris that they were appears to be Little Resistance to the requirement and to make sure people can continue to enjoy their vacations in the summertime. They also regard what's happening in the US with horror official say there are around 500 active clusters in the country. Mostly related to meat packing plants and other contained professional setting such as old age homes Health Minister Olivier Veron says France is very far from a second wave. He adds that while people do not

To worry, they should keep up their guard Eleanor Beardsley NPR news Paris and the wounding of her husband is dead. And Ryan man has that story has Roy denhollander went to the family home of Judge Esther Salas in New Jersey on Sunday fatally shooting her 20 year old son, Daniel and wounding her husband. Attorney Mark and Earl Solace herself was uninjured denhollander. His body was found across the state line in New York by state police taking part in The Manhunt. It's widely reported. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound or authorities have yet to confirm any details. They also haven't identified a motive denhollander was an attorney who described himself as a specialist in anti-feminist litigation. This deadly shooting comes of the US Marshal Service has reported a sharp increase in threats against judges Brian Mann NPR news.

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St. Louis couple are facing a felony weapons charge for pointing weapons at protesters marching past their home last month. The city's top prosecutors has the right to peaceful protest must be protected, Missouri attorney general says, he's requesting that the charges be dismissed Eric Schmitt sites. The state's so-called castle doctrine of all the gives residents the right to use deadly force to protect personal property a new lawsuit claims. There is a widespread culture of sexual harassment at the Fox News Channel the case implicate some of the Network's major stars and Paris David folkenflik reports that fox rejects the allegations except for those against recently fired host at Henry the most promising to propel her career and that she initially yielded to his advances. She also alleges that on other occasions Henry sexually assaulted and raped her Fox Terminator her last month this month.

Fox News fired Henry sighting willful sexual misconduct in the workplace lawyer says the two had a provably consensual relationship Fox contributor Kathy Rue alleged. She was propositioned by Henry and separately by Tucker Carlson and Howard Kurtz Fox as a thorough review by an outside Law Firm found a rusa allegations false patently frivolous and utterly devoid of any Merit except those against Henry Network noted if fired David folkenflik NPR news in pre-market trading US futures are higher on Asian market shares are also higher up 1% in Hong Kong and Shay Stevens.
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