NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-06-2020 4AM ET

NPR News: 09-06-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston.

Rochester New York are clashing with protesters for a fourth straight night. NPR's Liz Baker reports demonstrators are demanding Justice and the death of Daniel prude a black man who died in police custody earlier this year is peacefully it March to City Hall where they listed their demands for the mayor and the police chief to resign and then tried to continue to the public safety building where police are headquartered got within about two blocks of that building before police blocked the road declared an unlawful assembly. There was some fireworks I think from the protest and the police responded with a lot of tear gas and pee ours Liz Baker reporting President Trump is ordering the federal government is the teaching diversity training NPR's Mathew shorts reports. The president is calling it on American propaganda that has no place in the federal government.

Stop using taxpayer dollars to fund training on critical race Theory White Privilege or any other programs that suggests the US is an inherently racist or evil country in a letter to federal agencies Friday. The director of The Office of Management and budget said the president recently became aware of these diversity training sessions which discussed the concept of white privilege and suggest that white people are complicit in a modern American System of white supremacy. This propaganda is contrary to all we stand for as Americans. The letter said in a tweet the president called critical race Theory a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue Matthew Schwartz NPR News Washington after 6 trials and 22 years on death row for a judge in Mississippi has approved a motion to dismiss charges against Curtis flowers a black man accused of a 1996 quadruple murder NPR's Jason.

Chords to decision comes after the state's attorney general admitted. There were no longer any credible Witnesses against him for a few hours of six trials and to the conviction, but we're all over turnt the last by the United States Supreme Court, the justice found that prosecutors had misrepresented evidence and deliberately eliminated black jurors of the two trials where there was more than one blacture the jury deadlocked on Friday Mississippi's attorney general decided not to pursue a 7th trial flowers who is long maintained. His innocence was released on bail back in December. He said about the dismissal that he was finally free from the Injustice that left him locked in a box for nearly twenty-three years. Jason slacking NPR news. This is NPR.

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris will travel to Wisconsin on Monday. Her visit comes several days after Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden travel to the city of Kenosha the site of ongoing protest following a police shooting that left a black man critically injured. This will be Harris's first visit to the states and she accepted the party's nomination and American family vacationing in British. Columbia has been escorted out of the province by authorities than carbon check reports police a date had been caught using the Alaska loophole in crossing the border into Canada Americans can cross the border into Canada if they are essential workers such as healthcare providers who live in one country and work in another they can also drive to Canada if they are trying to get to or from Alaska but officials in British Columbia say a vehicle with Alaska license plates and her Canada in late August. The family members said they were going to Washington State but when they didn't exit Canada few days later full

We're called out to look for them officers found them in bed cover with a f book the local hotel and Canadian authorities determined. They had stayed longer than necessary. The family was escorted to the border with Washington State and given the $500 fine for NPR news. I'm Dan Carpenter in Toronto be what Geological Survey says the epicenter was about 250 miles north of the capital Santiago. There are no immediate reports of casualties or property damage. This is NPR news in Washington.
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