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NPR News: 09-06-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder Police in Portland, Oregon to Clara to riot last night after Molotov cocktails were thrown sparking a large fire at least one person was injured Portland has seen 100 straight nights of protest in Rochester New York in Louisville. Kentucky are members of a right-wing militia gather downtown before the Kentucky Derby and engaged in a shouting match with black lives matter supporters in front of a memorial for free on the Taylor Kentucky public radio's Brian Barton has more the militia group is organized by Dylan Stevens and online personality who calls himself the angry Viking and criticizes the black lives matter movement during a rally before the group marched on the city Stevens Warren said a civil war is coming.

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2 gram unlike black lives matter demonstrations throughout the summer Louisville police officers were not present during the militia gathering in a statement Louisville Metro Police said that their resources were focused on Churchill Downs for NPR news. I'm Rylan Parton in Louisville, Kentucky Derby authentic won the Rays handing a record-tying six Derby victory for trainer Bob baffert. If you're traveling this Labor Day weekend Public Health officials are warning not to make the same mistakes that led the spikes and coronavirus infections over the Memorial Day and Fourth of July Holidays. They advised avoiding large Gatherings, like backyard parties and crowded bars. And if you're flying Emergency Care Specialists, dr. Anthony cardillo of Los Angeles has to disinfect surfaces around you do BC wines are UVC devices actually sterilize their tray or their handles the Democrats blame for about 188,000 deaths in the United States bad weather has a

Susan Japan suspending the search for the crew of a ship that capsized earlier this week in the East China Sea. It was carrying some 6,000 cows in Parachute Lee McCarthy reports II. Typhoon is lashing the area that authorities say they will resume their search Once the weather clears a crew of 43 and most were Filipinos. The Japanese Coast Guard has plucked to survivors from the storm tossed Waters the latest on Friday a third man was discovered unconscious and pronounced dead. The ship went missing after making a distress call Wednesday near Japan's Southern islands that night rescue were spotted a seaman bobbing in a life jacket a chief officer who told them that the ship had been hit by a wave and capsized back-to-back. Typhoons have pounded the area of the sinking pulling Patrol boats divers and planes back from the search the carcasses of dozens of cows that were being transported to China. We're seeing floating in the water Julie McCarthy NPR

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Rescuers using military helicopters have been evacuating people from a popular Campground in California Sierra National Forest authorities in Fresno. Say more than 60 have been evacuated. It being trapped at the campground near Shaver Lake by 103 wild fires that are burning and Medicaid wave that has gripped. The region of Madera County Sheriff's Department says authorities were evacuating a large Ranch in the area last night. Ohio's two NFL teams have been given an exception to State guidelines for outdoor Gatherings and will be allowed more fans at a few games in Paris safe. Mr340 announcement comes just ahead of the seasons kick off this week, Ohio Governor Mike dewine announced on Twitter Saturday that the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati. Bengals will be allowed to have up to 6,000 fans at select home games. This season. Each team has been granted a variance for a quote to game trial on a state requirement limiting 1500 people at outdoor Gatherings during the games 1500 fans will be allowed on each of the stadium has four sides and masks will be man.

Worried the NFL's 32 teams have adopted a wide range of policies with some bending Spectators entirely and others limited capacity Week 1 of the NFL season kicks off Thursday. We're roughly sixteen thousand fans will be allowed to see the Houston Texans play the Chiefs and Kansas City Dave Mustaine. NPR news says, it's first reusable experimental spacecraft launched it on Friday has successfully returned to Earth the official xinhua news agency says the craft landed today as planned little is known about the spacecraft a China says, it could make certain searching space more convenient than inexpensive on trial Schneider.
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