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NPR News: 09-06-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder a federal judge in California has ordered the Census Bureau to stop winding down counting efforts for the 2020 census for now in Paris hansi Lo Wang reports a temporary court order is part of an ongoing lawsuit against the Trump administration's decision to cut since it's counting short. He sent his Spirit has been winding down door knocking and areas where it says county is close to complete but US District Judge Lucy Koh in Northern California has issued a temporary restraining order that directs appear to keep counting around the country. The order is expected to last until court hearing is held on September 17th in ASL. Urban League is leading the Coalition of civil rights groups tribal Nations and local governments that are arguing that the bureau is rushing to deliver the first set of results of President Trump as Federal Law requires by the end of this year. They contend that cutting County short by a month goes against the Constitution amended account every person living in the US.

What's a horse named authentic pulled out the win in this year's pandemic delayed Kentucky Derby outside protesters chanted the name of Brianna Taylor a little woman who was shot and killed by police in her home during a raid in March Ryan Van velzor member station wfpl reports hundreds of protesters gathered outside to call for justice for Brianna Taylor.

Protesters line to chain link fence separating them from dozens of Riot police making noise raise awareness about issues of racial Injustice in Louisville and around the country. Kalila Collins has been protesting in Louisville for 101 days. And I'm tired. I'm tired of this. I'm tired having a protest. I'm tired of being being scared of being shot in my home. I'm tired for my children my friends. My brother's my sisters were always at Target and I'm sick of it. They will continue until they see Justice for Taylor for NPR news on Ryan Street in New York State Attorney General Letitia. James has moved to form a grand jury to investigate the death of Daniel proved that look the waiting for a minister warning that the European Union's credibility is on the line with a failure to act on the situation in Belarus Terry Schultz reports Lithuania and its neighbors Estonia and Latvia have an umbrella Russian President Alexander lukashenko.

Cabbages tells the Financial Times newspaper the eu's Own Foundation may be shattered if it fails to uphold its own democratic values and counter the influence of Russia and Belarus. The EU has threatened sanctions on those who helped carry out the August 9th. Both. The block says was neither free nor fair and against those committing violence against opposition protesters, but no one has been penalized so far and any eventually you blacklist is unlikely to include lukashenko himself for more details shortly about a series of stabbings overnight in the central English city of Birmingham number of people are reported in Jurupa police have not yet said how many or how seriously we say the response will be ongoing for some time a cause of the stabbings remains unclear a powerful typhoon moving closer to the southern Japanese Mainland, bring you Fierce winds and rain and leaving homes without power Authority's are morning of the potential for record. Rainfall. The typhoon is

Second to hit Japan in a week. The typhoon is forced to pants Coast Guard to spend it search for crew members of a ship carrying cattle that capsized in the East China Sea as a nation celebrates organized labor this weekend to do study shows union membership pays off in higher wages and beer has got worse over before it's especially true for African American and Latino workers that one worker in 10 belongs to a union organizer share. The workforce has been cut in half since the early 1980s but a new study for the left-leaning economic policy Institute finds unionized workers typically earn it 11% more than their non-union counterparts and enjoy better benefits as well. How do you share holds one of the authors of the study of the Union premium is even bigger for black and brown workers white men and that was how Union started that it's not at all what the population of Union Workers looks like today.

Hmong black workers and slightly lower than average amount Latinos Scott Horsley NPR News Washington, this is NPR.
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