NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-06-2020 7AM ET

NPR News: 09-06-2020 7AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Giles Snyder in California Cruise have been working this weekend to evacuate people trapped at a campground by a wildfire in the Sierra National Forest. Jason Erickson. However was able to flee he was staying at a cabin for the holiday weekend when the fire drove him out of the creek fire trap some 150 people. Would it overtook the only Road into the campground authorities in Fresno? Say more than 60 have been rescued so far are wildfires burning in Southern California also prompted evacuations. This weekend was wildfires in California are burning emit a heat wave that has gripped parts of the western u.s. At Heatwave shatter temperature records across Southern California Saturday, the sweltering conditions brought a size of around 120 degrees too many communities station KCRW reports it for cancer. Say the Blazing heat will be

Sticking around for several days. The National Weather Service is forecasting record heat for Southern California Saturday and nature delivered says Alex Pardee the meteorologist at the Agency San Diego office hit a hundred and twenty Ontario hit 118 that's remarkable for both of us locations. So that's an all-time high either tieing or breaking in the desert Palm Springs fell short of its all-time record by a degree skill 122 degrees is the record for September temperatures are expected to be just to talk through the weekend with conditions. Only cooling by a few degrees on Labor Day. I'm at the Searing heat firefighters are battling a pair of wildfires one east of LA and another near San Diego for NPR news. I met Hilton Los Angeles federal judge in California has ordered the US Census Bureau to stop winding down counting efforts for the 2020 census for now a temporary court order is part of an ongoing lawsuit against the Trump administration's decision to cut senses counting short and poor.

In Oregon hundreds of protesters took to the streets for the 100th day of mostly peaceful racial Justice protest, but the Oregon public broadcasting Conrad Wilson to disperse the crowd early in the evening.

The Pride March towards a Portland Police bureau East Precinct earlier in the night before police declared a riot, please say and postings on social media show a few protesters threw Molotov cocktails that exploded into flames in the street. Please respond with tear gas and arrests since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Portland is seeing some of the most consistent protest in the country activist here said they want 50 million dollars defunded from the city's police Bureau and reinvested in other community programs. This weekend's protest come following two deaths last week and far-right supporter Aaron J. Danielson was shot and killed in downtown Portland on Thursday police killed far-left antifa. Supporter Michael right now in Washington State who is wanted in danielson's murderer. You're listening to NPR news.

Police on the central English city of Birmingham say they are seeking a single suspect in a series of stabbing incident happened overnight and please set a short time ago. That one man is dead and another seven or injured two of them. Seriously, please say the victims appear to have been attacked randomly and that the stabbings do not appear to be related to terrorism a powerful. Typhoon is closing in on Southwestern Japan. It's the third major typhoon to hit the region in just over two weeks as in Piers Anthony Kuhn reports from Seoul super typhoon, Okinawa Island packing Winds of up to 145 miles per hour meteorologist warranted winds that strong could topple trees and rip houses apart. The storm is expected to pass off the coast of Southwest Japan Kyushu Island evacuation orders were issued for some 200,000 Residence Inn for prefectures authorities are concerned that some residents might prefer to ride out the storm rather than risk heading to a shelter during an epidemic.

The storm is expected not to make landfall in South Korea. But authorities in North Korea warns citizens to brace for flooding and possible damage to crops Anthony tune in PR news Soul. The northern Chile has been shaken by a second earthquake within a week this latest Quake struck last night UFC a logical survey says, it had a preliminary magnitude of 6.3. There are no reports of injuries or damage the first Quake struck last Tuesday off the coast of Northern Chile, but also did not cause any injuries or damage on trial Snyder and you're listening to NPR news.
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