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NPR News: 09-06-2020 11AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Barbara Klein in Portland, Oregon the 100 consecutive night of protests against racial Injustice was like many before it is NPR's Nathan Rock reports police declared a riot fire tear gas and made a rest East Portland telling people to clear the area or risk being arrested arrest did happen and there were clashes between the hundreds gathered and police but the hundred Knight a protest in Portland was not as violent as some beer right many counter-protesters have come to the city following the shooting death of a man last weekend at a vigil for him Saturday speakers for peace telling the crowd abruptly hundred to not commit violence on the deceased 1/2 more protests are scheduled through the weekend Nathan Roth NPR news, Portland.

9 protesters last night as they demonstrated over the death of Daniel Prue the black man who died after police put a hood on his head and pinned him down in March beliefs say protesters hurled projectiles, an incendiary device has several college and university campuses are reopening and some are reporting spikes in coronavirus cases as students defy Health officials advice and House parties and other Gatherings. Dr. Rishi Shah is Dean of Brown University School of Public Health and says if kids are going to be on campus they have to be managed for the pandemic expecting 18-20 year-olds to behave perfectly in and not gather is I think I'm real responsibilities of testing or quarantine.

After digging around the clock rescue teams in Beirut say they found no Survivor in the rubble left by last month's massive Port explosion. Not a home C is in the Lebanese Capital after 72 hours of searching for a possible Survivor trapped underneath the wreckage of the collapsed building since Thursday afternoon, when sensors detected a breath under the wreckage a rescue dog trained as a glimmer of hope for Lebanese still morning after a massive explosion in Beirut sport ripped through half the city last month in the end. The Chilean rescue teams has three levels were uncovered not even a body was found for NPR news in Beirut.

A military helicopter has rescued more than 60 people from a California Campground being consumed by a wildfire that quickly spread Friday evening in the Sierra National Forest to people are severely injured. This is NPR.

Facebook has announced new policies aimed at curbing misinformation ahead of November's election food labeling content that questions the legitimacy of Elections and not allowing new political ads the week before election day, but is NPR Smiles Parks reports election Security Experts and Advocates on both sides of the aisle say they are not satisfied the general consensus among people in the tech world is the changes are more of a public relations move than a substantial effort to fix a flow of information online around elections for one thing. It's unclear whether labels like the ones Facebook is planning to use actually work to educate people insta polarized environment. The company is planning to label post that falsely claimed widespread voter fraud as well as post Buy Canada to declare Victory before the final results are in the former CEO of Reddit Ellen Pao tweeted that the changes made by Facebook or superficial ones that don't

Press the core problem and engagement engine that amplifies misinformation and hate for-profit miles Parks NPR News Washington suspiro to stop winding down counting efforts for the 2020 count is a temporary order part of an ongoing lawsuit against the Trump administration's decision to shorten the response time for the survey. The temporary injunction is expected to hold until a court hearing later this month a coalition of groups argues. The Census Bureau is rushing to deliver the initial results. Despite the pandemic. This is NPR.
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