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My from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump is threatening to expand his use of federal forces for local law enforcement and they are smart and costly reports that some form Democratic mayors of signed a letter denouncing. The idea federal law enforcement has been active in recent days in downtown Portland, Oregon where daily protests of occasionally become violent President Trump says the feds had to go in because local officials are quote weak and afraid but Portland's mayor and the mayors of five other cities have sent the administration of letter calling the use of federal officers and abuse-of-power one of the signers the Seattle mayor Jenny durkan what we don't need are federal forces on our streets that only makes things worse. It's not coordinated and it really has escalated things in Portland going to the other Mayors have called on Congress to investigate Trump's use of federal officers Martin Koski. NPR news says, she hopes Republican legislators will end their own poop.

Listen to her mask requirement and her order to delay School re-openings. Kelly says the Kansas is experiencing a surge in new coronavirus cases in the Kansas City metro area.

That should worry every single one of us the largest single-day increase in covid-19 factions since the beginning of the pandemic me while Florida's largest teachers union is suing to block a state order to reopen schools there for in-person instruction beginning next month the union calls the order Reckless and unsafe according to the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins University near me 3.9 billion coronavirus cases have been recorded in the US with almost a hundred and forty-one thousand deaths former Vice President Joe Biden corded Muslim voters on Monday as NPR's Altima College reports buying address to Virtual Summit where he promised to earn the support of Muslim communities historic for Muslim leaders. They don't recall another Presidential nominee speaking directly to thousands of American Muslims. The Democrats spoke about the contributions Muslims have made to fight the pandemic and the need to

Push back against Donald Trump and against policies that his administration has enacted A1 A1. Biden was referring to President Trump's Ultra travel ban that focuses on several muslim-majority countries. Asma Khalid NPR news 50 billion Euro plan to recover from the coronavirus pandemic EU council president Charles Michelle announced the agreement Tuesday. Follow me a contentious debate that stretched it to a 50-day The Proposal is in addition to the EU 7 year 1 trillion dollar budget plan and France's President says he's convinced it will meet the challenge of the Cove in crisis. This is NPR news.

Food and Drug Administration is warning a California company to stop selling disposable flavored e-cigarettes that are popular among teenagers in a letter the agency gives cool clouds distribution 2 weeks to remove its puff bar brand vaping products from the market that warning comes months after anti vaping Advocate shot in disposable Vapes as a loophole in the fda's ban on post e-cigarette flavor. The Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana is suing the Trump Administration over a plan to ramp up Cole Leasing and Mining in the West End Paris Kirk Siegler reports that environmental groups and Democratic Attorneys General from for western states have also joined a suit. This is the latest legal challenge to a 2017 order by then interior secretary and Trump appointee Ryan zinke that order reversed in Obama era climate policy that barred newco leasing in mining in about a half a billion Acres of federal public land in the west the Northern Cheyenne tribe and the other planet

Play the Trump Administration acted illegally by resuming the coal leasing without a full environmental review. The Administration has long been trying to ramp back up the American coal industry though. The fuel sources overall share of the market continues to dwindle as do jobs within the industry in western states Kirk Siegler NPR news Boise State Senator. Nikema Williams to replace Lake Congress. When is civil rights icon. John Lewis Williams, who chairs the Georgia Democratic party will face a republican reality TV personality in a contest in November for the seat on Chase TV. This is NPR news.
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