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NPR News: 09-07-2020 4AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Windsor Johnston Labor Day is the traditional kickoff to the final stretch of a presidential campaign NPR Scott detrow reports. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing the candidates this year to modify their schedules in the weeks leading up to the November election large crowd since the pandemic began. His limited campaign events have been held in front of small groups of reporters and just a handful of supporters at a time. But in the final weeks of the campaign the candidate will begin traveling the country more today. Biden will be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. What was running mate Senator Kamala Harris travel to Milwaukee in Wisconsin last week and he'll visit Michigan later this week as well. The president will travel to Florida in North Carolina and Michigan this week both Trump and we'll go to the Flight 93 Memorial in Western, Pennsylvania.

Friday the 19th anniversary of 9/11 Scott Detro NPR news their homes in did the coronavirus pandemic NPR's Chris Arnold reports the Centers for Disease Control and prevention last week. And now it's the moratorium through the end of the year that they give their landlord a signed declaration about the rain, and that they have no other option if evicted other than homelessness or living with more people in close proximity also many renters will still a pile of unpaid rent that they can't afford to pay so millions could still face eviction after the ban expires at the end of the year. They any until heads up the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

Korean monotones is not enough. It has to be paired with substantial emergency rental assistance to keep low-income renters out of debt and to allow landlords to pay their bill. She says Congress needs to work out a deal to pay for that Chris Arnold NPR news has overtaken Brazil for the world's second-largest caseload of the coronavirus such me to pay back reports only the United States has more confirm cases than in dm1000 fresh covid-19 infections today taking its caseload 2 / 4.2 million. India now has the second most cases but it is continuing to reopen Metro train started running on Monday in several Indian cities after being shot for over 5 months since the pandemic began about 7 to 1,000 people have died in India after testing positive for the brightest stars made of pathic reporting from Mumbai on Monday trying to Shanghai.

Composite closed down a fraction of a percent Japan's Nikkei average fell 115 points. You're listening to NPR news in Washington.

Hollywood's first big-budget thriller to play us Cinemas in five months has posted its first box office numbers NPR's, Bob. Mondello has more time bending Thriller 10. It has taken in a little over 20 million dollars that figure comes with multiple asterisk.

Feeling well. It includes a week of previews in Canada. Third of us theaters are still dark including all Cinemas in the nation's two biggest markets New York and Los Angeles and where theaters are open there camping capacity at 40% or less with all that said the figures look respectable, especially as tenant which opened a week ago in some International markets has also crossed the hundred million dollar Mark overseas, Bob Mondello NPR news today. She's expected it to her and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers training facility in Milwaukee. The Biden campaign says she's scheduled to meet with members and Wisconsin labor leadership about Joe Biden's commitment to workers and this will be here is his first trip to the states and she accepted the party's nomination last month.

Meanwhile vice president Mike Pence is also expected to visit Wisconsin today. The state is a key Battleground in the upcoming presidential elections. It's a state that President Trump narrowly won in the 2016 election by Windsor Johnston and you're listening to NPR news in Washington.
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