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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens President Trump met with Congressional Republican leaders at the White House Monday to work on another installment of coronavirus relief funding and PR sprinkle or Dona says Trump is demanding a payroll tax cut the included the president is taking a really hard line on this including thing on Fox news that he may not sign the next stimulus package. If it doesn't include payroll tax cut Democrats and some Republicans have previously opposed that idea that's covid-19 overall crime rates are down in the US but NPR Cheryl Corley reports that some cities are seeing an uptick in murders and shootings typically goes up in warmer months not so during the pandemic says University of Pennsylvania Law Professor David Abrams. He's keeping track of reported crime in the major cities. That is website City crime stats. Com drop the most

Clients doing robbery aggravated assault in home burglary overall crime drop by more than 30% and said he's like Baltimore Philadelphia and Chicago what went up burglary at commercial property and car theft and all those murders have spiraled in some cities. Abram says compared to levels over the past five years. The pandemic hasn't had a significant impact Cheryl Corley NPR news Chicago President Trump is threatening to send Federal forces to Chicago and several other Democratic cities to deal with local crime. Trump is already sent Federal officers to Portland, Oregon to crack down on protesters. I judge plans to hear arguments Tuesday on the Georgia Governor's lawsuit to block a face mask requirement in Atlanta. Brian Kemp argues that local leaders must obey his executive orders Camp recently provoked all local Master requirements in 14, Georgia jurisdiction, including Atlanta, mayor Keisha Lance bottoms AS Val to enforce or cities mandate siding Health guidelines for preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

Georgia Democrats are chosen state senator and state party chair. Nikema Williams to run for the 5th District US House seat left vacant by the death of John Lewis, Georgia public broadcasting. Stephen Fowler has more nikema Williams is a state senator from Atlanta who is also the first black woman to be the state parties chair, Georgia law required the Democrats nominate a replacement Monday just days after John Lewis died after a battle with pancreatic cancer Williams piss yourself as a strong advocate for healthcare voting rights and domestic workers. We need someone who is not afraid to put them in the same way that Carson was taught us to she will face Republican Angela Stanton King in the heavily Democratic district and November a special election to fill. The rest of Lewis's term has not yet been scheduled for NPR news. I'm Susan Fowler in Atlanta has are higher in pre-market trading. You're listening to NPR news.

China's massive Yangtze River and its tributaries are floating cities and towns around the center of the country NPR's Rebecca hersher reports that climate change is making such disasters more likely used to be normal seasonal Monsoon rains this time of year are getting more and more intense as the Earth gets hotter as the atmosphere heats up and holds more water vapor which makes it more likely that extreme amounts of rain will fall over a relatively short. Of time exactly the kind of conditions that cause dangerous flooding they can overwhelm dams destroy homes and knocked out electricity much of central China is now grappling with severe flooding caused by months of torrential rain and climate scientists warn that flood risk in the Yangtze River Basin is highest in the summer months Rebecca hersher NPR news at Ovation of for US state is renewing a lawsuit against the resumption of cold cases on public land Coal Sales on public property were halted under the Obama administration because of environmental concerns including climate change.

St. Louis are facing a felony weapons charge for pointing weapons at protesters marching past their home last month. The city's top prosecutor says the right to peaceful protest must be protected. But Missouri's attorney general says, he's requesting that the charges be dismissed Eric Schmidt sites. The state's so-called castle doctrine a law that gives Missouri residents the right to use deadly force to protect personal property the McCloskey live on a private Street in a designated Historic District 1 Asian market shares are higher US futures are also in positive territory. This is NPR news.
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