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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens Florida's largest teachers union has filed a lawsuit to Blanca State order to reopen schools for in-person instruction. Next month as NPR's Greg Allen reports the union calls the order Reckless and unconstitutional the emergency order issued this month by Florida Commissioner of education does all school districts quote must open brick-and-mortar schools, at least five days a week for all students to accommodate families who want it you order says the final decision on whether to reopen dress with local superintendents of school boards, but suggest funding may depend on it the lawsuit filed by the Florida Education Association joined by teachers and parents is asking the judge to block any attempt to force brick-and-mortar schools to resume in-person classes while covid-19 cases are surging Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis has defended the mandate to reopen schools. This is now it's intended as a recommendation. Not a requirement Greg Allen NPR news, Miami President Trump holding regular coronavirus and

Daniel Snyder reporters at the White House or resume the updates today with Trump planning to make regular appearances. It remains unclear how often he will appear but speaking to reporters in the Oval Office of president said he is Reviving The briefings to speak to the American people directly about the government's coronavirus response the briefings happening near daily occurrence until late April. When the White House ended them soon after the president misspoke suggesting that ingesting disinfect. It might help prevent covid-19 White House is bringing back the briefings as a president poll numbers lack condos Mary's criticizing the president's threat to send militarize officers diversity and several others Trump is dismissing claims my Portland's mayor than violence there escalated after Federal forces of a Navy veteran suffered broken bones after being beaten by federal officers in Portland on Saturday, Christopher. David says, he was at the protest site because of concern over the actions of federal forces.

The Commerce department has added 11 Chinese companies to a list of entities accused of Human Rights abuses in China as far west as NPR's. John rumors were forced the designation mean that the companies will face us trade sanctions. The Commerce Department says the companies were implicated rights violation that abuse has in sinkiang. It says the Chinese government is engaged in a campaign of repression in the Regent home to the Weger ethnic group 9 of the companies were put on the list in connection with forced-labor involving uyghurs and other Muslims in sinkiang to were added to the list in connection with conducting genetic analyses that the Commerce Department says were used to further. The repression is enjambment. The companies will have restricted access to items from the us including Commodities and Technology division of the company that the XD lift comes at a time of almost daily action by the Trump Administration against China John ruwitch NPR news on stock markets in Asia Shares are higher up 1% in Hong Kong. This is NPR news.

in cities across the u.s. Workers from the service industry including Healthcare fast food chains and the gig economy walked off their jobs yesterday, the one-day strike and rallies were part of the national strike for black organizers have for state of demand including a declaration that includes Justice for black and brown communities the dismantling of racism in workplaces and the immediate end to economic exploitation in Zimbabwe authorities have arrested too outspoken critics of the government corruption from Harare ishma phone to quad report that one of the detainees is a journalist how to Hopewell tomorrow night supposed that President Amazon the man that gave us families links questionable company awarded the contract to supply covid-19 materials Patrick spokesperson for the routing zanu-pf party won the general list,

Jacob Galvan the organizer of anti-corruption a demonstrations applying there for July 31st is also in police custody in government is known for its heavy-handedness in dealing with the opposition with NPR news in the US House seat held by the lake Congressman John Lewis US House members pause for a moment of silence yesterday to remember Lewis who died Friday at the age of 80 on Shea Stephens is NPR news.
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