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Live from NPR news on Shea Stephens a judge is set to hear arguments today on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp lawsuit against Atlanta's mayor and city council campus trying to stop the city from enforcing a master requirement. He's revokes local mandates and says Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance bottoms should obey his orders, Kansas Governor. Laura. Kelly says, she hopes Republican lawmakers in her State. Opposing her mask requirement and her order to delay School re-openings Kelly Seitz a surgeon coronavirus cases in Kansas in the Kansas City metro area. We've broken the record. That should worry.

Every single one of us the largest single-day increase in covid-19 factions since the beginning of the pandemic Florida's largest teachers union is suing to block of State order to reopen schools there for in-person instruction beginning next month the union calls the order Reckless 160 civilian and Veterans groups one Congress to expand national service and they are still on his reports that the next covid-19 still could fun volunteer teachers and healthcare workers probably military veterans have been pushing the idea of a volunteer or mandatory national service for years. Now veterans groups along with about 150 other service organizations have a senate leaders to pass the core act which has bipartisan support from veterans in Congress. It would expand Americorps and Senior Corps and pay a stipend and scholarship money to tens of thousands of volunteer health workers in teachers. Write bar cart runs with honor a group that promotes Veterans of bow.

Parties in Congress in the Marines showed me how service unites that's really what our country needs right now is written into the house version of the next covid-19 bill and will not be considered by the Senate Quil Lawrence NPR news and FBI briefing on Foreign Affairs to interfere in the November election the tales from NPR's Philip Ewing. The lawmakers say they're concerned about a scheme that might be aimed at members of Congress in this year's racist and a letter to FBI director Christopher Wray house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues right that they are quote that Congress appears to be the target of a concerted foreign interference Campaign, which seeks to launder and amplify this information. No Republican sign the letter and it isn't clear what underlying activity has animated Pelosi and her colleagues in the Senate. The Democrats are requesting a briefing for every member of Congress before the recess schedule for this August Philip Ewing NPR News, Washington.

The deal on a 750 billion-euro plan to recover from the coronavirus pandemic EU council president Charles Michel announced the agreement this morning following contentious debate that stretched it to look at the day. The proposal is an addition to the eu's 7-year 1 trillion Euro budget plan. This is NPR news.

The Florida Keys could become the first place in the United States to use genetically modified mosquitoes to control the spread of disease WLRN. Nancy klingener reports that the trial could receive final approval as soon as today the Florida Keys mosquito control board is voting on whether to allow oxitec to release genetically modified 80s Egypt eye mosquitoes on the island chain. Those are the mosquitoes can transmit diseases like Dengue and zika to humans there been 16 cases of dengue in Key Largo this year the mosquitoes are genetically modified so that only males survive male mosquitoes do not fight and can't transmit diseases to people the modified mosquitoes will breed with wild females and pass on that gender limiting Jean some local residents and National groups like Friends of the earth opposed the trial calling it dangerous for NPR news. I'm Nancy klingener in Key West for state is renewing a lawsuit against the resumption of cold leases on public land gold sales on fed.

Property were halted under the Obama administration because of environmental concerns including climate change. Montana's Governor has filed suit to block the acting director of the Bureau of Land Management from remaining in the position until he's confirmed by the US Senate Steve Bullock says federal law prohibits William pendley from leaving the bureau in an acting capacity that still pending pendley is a longtime advocate for the sale of federal lands on Asian stock market shares are higher US futures are higher in pre-market trading on Chase Stevens. This is NPR news.
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