NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-09-2020 10AM ET

NPR News: 09-09-2020 10AM ET

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Fly from NPR news on Janine Herbst was General overseeing military operations in the Middle East does American troops in Iraq will be cut from 5200 down to three thousand General Frank McKenzie says the reduction still allows the us to go after the remnants of Isis and train a rocky forces. If your tongue Bowman has more this month and Link them to the progress of the Iraqi Security Forces, but President Trump has repeatedly call for removing US troops from the region saying only he wanted to stop and look towards just two weeks ago the person and said hopefully we're leaving a country that can defend itself. The president is also expected to soon announce troop reductions in Afghanistan dropping from 6502 about 4,000 Joel McKenzie in his statement said that besides rooting out Isis in Iraq that you are truthful also work to go after the group and neighboring Syria some 600 US troops in Syria our partner.

With local forces there a logistics Hub and Iraq helps maintain an operation. Tell him Bowman NPR news his first visit to the swing States since he won his party's nomination. It's a state he hopes to win back for Democrats this fall and there's also a solid has more on today's visit Joe Biden will be in Warren Michigan today to talk about manufacturing and it specifically he intends to announce a plan to establish an offshore and tax penalty as well as a made in America tax credit. He also intends to announce that if he's elected he plans to sign a series of executive actions in his first week is president to ensure that the federal government is using taxpayer dollars to buy American Products in peers as Muhammad President Trump is scheduled to visit the state tomorrow Sox open Tire this morning after 3 days of losses and PR Scott Horsley has more

Investors are tentatively buying again after a three-day sell-off that pushed the tech-heavy NASDAQ stock index down 10% from the record high reach just last week Tesla shares tumbled 21% on Tuesday after electric car maker was not added to the S&P 500 Index has many investors had expected General Motors stock on the other hand Rose nearly 8% after that company now, so 2 billion dollar investment didn't Nikola the maker of electric trucks investors are also keeping a wary eye on coronavirus vaccine trials AstraZeneca has suspended a large-scale trial wild investigates and unexplained illness in one of the trial volunteers. Horsley NPR News, Washington to buy 207 points. That's a nearly 2% jump at 11058. The S&P 500 is up 56 points at 3388. You're listening to NPR news.

England ban social Gatherings with more than 6 people starting on Monday because of a rapid rise in coronavirus cases in the UK as NPR's Frank langfitt reports from London. British officials are worried that the jump in cases could turn into a second wave of infection this fall by 130 dollar fine will apply to indoor and outdoor Gatherings. They will not however apply to schools and workplaces pubs and restaurants will remain open presumably to help the economy was just still in the midst of a deep covid-19 driven recession. The coronavirus is dissipated considerably here over the summer people crowded beaches Jam pubs and in some respects like steam to return to normal officials attribute the recent jump in cases nearly 2,500 recorded on Tuesday to people returning home for holidays in Europe and younger people ignoring social distancing guidelines Frank langfitt NPR news, London.

It's 14 and a half billion dollar deal for Tiffany. The French luxury retailer says it needs more time to assess the impact of proposed us tariffs and can't close the deal before the end of the year. Lvmh does the deal was supposed to close in November, but that Tiffany wanted to lay to the end of December. Tiffany says it will sue to keep the merger agreement alive. The pandemic is hit Tiffany's hard. The company same-store sales are down 44% The news of the canceled merger has shares of Tiffany down in early trading prices are trading higher up about 1.7% at $37.39 a barrel on Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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