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NPR News: 09-10-2020 6AM ET

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Live from NPR news on Jeanine Herbst President Trump heads to a campaign rally in Michigan today under a new cloud of controversy as NPR's Franco Ordonez reports a new book by veteran journalist. Bob Woodward describes a troubled relationship between Trump and several of his senior. Military leaders, Washington Post associate editor. Bob Woodward is coming by rage that Trump used an especially crew derogatory term the same when he famously used in an Access Hollywood tape to describe general serving in his administration and according to Woodward. He also said they were too focused on alliances instead of trade deals Trump's Former Defense. Secretary Jim Mattis, allegedly called Trump dangerous and unfit Woodward write that man has warned a colleague quote. There may come a time when we have to take Collective action against the president Franco Ordonez NPR news.

Dozens of wind-driven wildfires are still raging in parts of the West in California more than two. Dozen major fires are burning through the state forcing thousands to evacuate the smoke is so thick and parts of the San Francisco Bay area and the Sacramento Valley it smoke blocked out much of the Sun turning the sky to Mars like orange in Oregon thousands of fire evacuees needing emergency shelter also have to face covid-19 risks and precautions as Oregon public broadcasting Emily Curtin reports. That's my buddy. Tiger after high winds knocked out power to her home in rural Lane County, Oregon Tara major was braced for the wildfire that came next. He grabbed as much as she could six cats a dog and a neighbor who doesn't have a car it was as if you pull out on the road and there are limbs flying vertically across the road at you towards the side of your car made it to a designated red.

Cross shelter site 80 miles away and waited outside in the parking lot for more than 7 hours as Aid workers secured hotel rooms for the evacuees for NPR news. I'm Emily Cureton in Redmond, Oregon attorney General William Barr's is violent crime is down in several cities because of operation Legend of Korra the city's mayor says no to be taking a Victory lap just yet attorney. General Barr says operation Legend with his influx of federal agent has helped local police reduce the surge of shootings and homicides and cities like Kansas City st. Louis and Memphis. That's especially true says bar in Chicago a city President Trump off and criticizes Chicago's mayor. Lori Lightfoot says it's too soon to measure their impact and territorial cat. Sheryl Crow station markets closed in mixed territory. The Nikkei in Japan of a tenth of a percent hangsang down more than six times. He was Futures contracts trading lower. This is NPR.

A new poll finds a significant number of Americans were unable to get needed Medical Care during the pandemic if your name and has more on the NPR Robert Wood Johnson foundation and Harvard th Chan School of Public Health whole households in Forest City's New York. Cicago Houston and Los Angeles on in every five households that a member of their household was not able to get needed medical care for a serious problem in some cases doctors offices were flooded with patients and they had no availability. In other cases patients were fearful of becoming infected with coronavirus if they went to a hospital or medical office more than half of all households said they suffered negative Health consequences because of the lack of care those with someone in the household working in the healthcare field expressed serious concern about that individuals safety pad and evens NPR news.

Energy officials say hurricane Laura did significant damage at a site that holds about 30% of the country's emergency crude oil supply as part of the Strategic petroleum Reserve but Energy Secretary danviet says three other sites where damage damage site is in West Hackberry, Louisiana. Says, although refineries in Lake Charles are still shut down. There is no shortage of jet fuel or gasoline. The Strategic petroleum Reserve was created in the early 1970s after the energy crisis Futures are down more than one and a half for $0.59 at $37.46 a barrel on Jeanine Herbst and you listening to NPR news.
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