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NPR News: 09-13-2020 10PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Janine Herbst thousands of people are out of their homes in the west as wildfires burn down entire communities more than 30 people have died in fires in Washington state, California and Oregon dozens more are missing Oregon was hard hit Senator, Jeff Merkley says the scenes in his state or apocalyptic. I could never have envisioned us. The East Winds came over the top of the mountain. I proceeded to turn the fires in to blow torches at went down and just incinerated a series of small towns like Blue River in Phoenix and and talent seeking their to ABC's this week. The national weather service has issued a Red Flag Warning for Southwest Oregon today siding dry weather and strong Gusty winds. Then smoke is blanketing several States air quality warnings President Trump visits, California tomorrow for a briefing on the fires hitting. State tropical storm. Sally is lashing Southern Florida with heavy rain and Gusty winds.

Forecasters say the storm could strike into a category 2 hurricane before making landfall in Southeast, Louisiana early Tuesday morning just weeks after Hurricane Laura devastated communities on the other side of the state. Remember station wrkf Paul Brown has more Louisiana governor, John Bel Edwards warned louisianans not to take this storm lightly. We have a represents a very significant threat to the people of Southeast Louisiana landfall last month and call Sally could bring sustained winds of 100 miles per hour and more than 10 feet of storm surge in coastal communities forecasters say it may be most threatening as a rain event. The storm is expected to move slowly over Southeast, Louisiana inundating communities already prone to flooding with more than a foot of rain for NPR news on polvoron in Baton Rouge, Mississippi.

Preparation for the storm in Colorado and blocking the post office from Distributing confusing mailers head of the election for Colorado Public Radio Allison. Sherry has more Colorado has had all male elections since 2013 State Attorney General Phil Weiser took the US Postmaster General to Federal Court over the weekend challenging a flyer distributed by the Postal Service that gives generic instructions about voting by mail. AG Weiser says some of those instructions are wrong in Colorado and he called it Reckless for the postal service to disseminate misinformation. Any further distribution of The Killers. The postal service has appealed the decision for NPR news. I'm Allison Sherry in Denver.

This is NPR news.

In Los Angeles the search continues for a gunman who shot and wounded two police officers as they sat in their Cruiser they were able to radio for help if Herod Ambush Spartan anti-police protest outside the hospital where the two deputies are being treated. They underwent surgery last night police release video of the shooting showing a person opening fire through the passenger side window of the squad car apparently without warning or provocation Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns the escalating conflict between NATO allies Greece and Turkey over offshore energy reserves is helping the alliance's enemies Joanna kakissis reports Pompeo made the remarks after traveling to Cyprus this weekend Greece and Cyprus. Both European Union member states a turkey is violating international law by sending ships to their territorial Waters in search of natural gas reserves. Athens and Ankara are threatening each other their warships Patrol sea borders pump urge them to talk.

His visit comes days after Russian foreign minister Sergei lavrov offered to mediate Greek Prime Minister Kitty aquasmooth to type cases significantly increasing defense spending, but applauded on Chris decision to send home a drilling ship but not in the climate of provocation for NPR news. I'm Joanna. Kakissis in Athens. Asian markets are trading higher at this hour the age of dialog just over 1% then you can Japan up about 6 tenth of a percent the Hang sang in Hong Kong up. Nearly. I have 4 Cent. I'm Janine her and you're listening to NPR news.
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