NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-15-2020 5AM ET

NPR News: 09-15-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly areas of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are under federal emergency declarations. This morning has hurricane Sally moves closer to landfall along. The Gulf Coast is a category 1 hurricane with top sustained winds of 90 miles per hour is expected to come ashore late today or early tomorrow. It's moving West to just three miles per hour can Graham is the director of the National Hurricane Center in Florida. He says Sally's slow track could lead to more severe and widespread flooding what that does is a longer time for to sit over the water to maybe get a little stronger and you can also see more of that water pushed in for storm surge and it's more opportunity also to get some of that that rainfall Sally is dumping bands of heavy rain on the Florida Panhandle where the governor has declared an emergency in at least two counties as wildfires continue burning across parts of California, Oregon.

Washington there's growing concern about poor air quality smoke from the fires has prompted Health alerts Alaska Airlines is suspending flights to Portland and Spokane nearly three dozen wildfires are burning across Oregon. One of the fires near Eugene has burn more than 166000 acres and left one person dead. Brian Volvo member station. KLCC has more tires parameter surpasses 200 mi in a threatening thousands of structures in a rugged heavily forested area for them 700 Personnel are fighting Us by the Regents Road and stick picture of Smaug Marcus Kaufman of the Oregon Department of Forestry says crews are contending with lots of hazzard's including large rocks around the area the vegetation. I was holding those rocks and place all burned away and the fire killed thousands of trees, but so they're not weakened the wind picks up or simply gravity and they just fall and slide down into the roadway.

Wait October for NPR news on Brian Bowl in Eugene, Oregon. The green party's presidential ticket won't appear on Wisconsin. Ballot. Shawn Johnson with Wisconsin Public Radio reports clerk throughout Wisconsin told the state supreme court last week that they'd already printed more than 2 million ballots had the Courtside with green party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins have to reprint those ballots forcing them to miss deadlines to mail them out. But on Monday the Supreme Court ruled that Hawkins lawsuit was filed too late and that balance could be sent out as is democratic. Attorney. Jeffrey. Mandel said the court got it right with conference election can now proceed in a fair lawful or leeway independent closely in Wisconsin were four years ago. The green party received Thirty-One thousand votes President Trump narrowly won the state. This is NPR news from Washington.

President Trump welcomes the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and the foreign Ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bob Crane to the White House today. The signing ceremony is being held to formalize the recent agreement between Israel in the UAE has another between Israel and pop rain the deals to normalize relations were brokered by the Trump Administration about seven hundred guests are expected on the south lawn of the White House for the event. The federal appeals court says the Trump Administration May and humanitarian protections for more than 400,000 immigrants in the US for read the Java lava Romero with member station. KQED says the ruling by the 9th us Circuit Court of Appeals clears the way for deportations from El Salvador who's lived most of her life here. She was reading a book to her second graders over soon when she got a text the court had ruled against her and others with temporary protected status or two.

PS I feel angry or frustrated and I fear of bees afraid of your family is because we are so painful TPS holders from El Salvador Haiti Honduras, Nepal Nicaragua and Sudan would lose the protections as early as next year plaintiff attorneys say they'll seek a review from a larger panel of Judges at the 9th Circuit Court spokesman with US citizenship and Immigration Services says the agency is reviewing the decision for NPR news on Friday that David Romero in Oakland this morning. I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington.
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