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Hi, Pete, buttigieg here. Maybe you know me is Mayor Pete in my new podcast. I'll be talking to people from every field whose ideas and actions will shape the era that is about to begin in a way to bring people together people protest in a country. That means I still love it enough, but they still believe change is possible.

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Welcome to before breakfast a production of iHeartRadio.

Good morning. This is Laura. Welcome to the before breakfast podcast. Today's tip is to realize that noticing and need doesn't mean you have to meet it. It's not always your job.

Is it supposed tyranny of the Urgent author Charles Hummel writes the needed self however urgent is not the call for us to meet it just because you notice a need or just because you acknowledge. I need that someone brings to your attention doesn't mean that you have to solve this problem. This is true in all spheres of Life at work. Maybe a colleague is having computer issues. But there's some extra service your company could theoretically offer at home. Maybe you see a burned-out light bulb in your spouse is office or that your son's baseball glove is in his dresser and he'll need it for practice after school. Maybe the neighborhood playground could use some spiffing up or no one has planned anything for your mother-in-law's birthday. The truth is there are infinite needs and things that would make the world better. But there's only so much that one person can do and when everything is your job sadly nothing will really get done because you'll be pulled in too many directions to get anything.

So what do you do instead first shift your mindset if you reflexively feel obligated to solve every problem. You notice pause ask yourself. Is this my responsibility if it is handle it if it's not consider what would happen if you didn't get involved one possibility someone else will step up the people around you are full of talents compassion and ideas leave some room for them to use them sometimes by stepping back for a moment. You'll create space for their Brilliance at times you may decide to describe the need you see and invite others to make a plan to respond. If you're collaborating on a project at work that's going to require some late nights don't assume that you'll be the one to put them in Instead. Try saying to your team. It looks like it's going to take some time be on normal working hours to get this finished. How can we work together to find extra time to get everything done?

And rather than assuming you are the only one who could play on your mother-in-law's birthday. Why not send a text to the siblings and Partners group sang. Mimi's birthday is next week anybody have ideas for celebrating or better yet? Perhaps you ask your spouse about the plans and then watch as the plans emerge believe it or not. There may even be times when you notice a need and let it go completely unmet sure the porch might be more inviting if it was swept but if your daughter tends to hang out there with her friends, maybe give her time to notice the mess herself. And if she doesn't the world will keep spinning don't take it for granted that you need to swoop in and meet every unmet need be intentional about how you allocate your time when we pick our battles. We might actually win.

Rather than spreading the Army too thin.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to making the most of our time.

Everybody I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pod. That's be the number for then breakfast pod. You can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcast at that before breakfast is spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much. I look forward to staying in touch.

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