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Good morning. This is Laura. Welcome to the new corner office the podcast where we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work or location and hours. I'm a flexible than in the past.

Today's tip is to be strategic about your meetings by understanding exactly when they'll be happening. You can be better prepared manager energy and figure out what times you can do non meeting work to

Collaboration is amazing in theory. None of us has all the answers and practice though. What it means is that most jobs and big organizations involved. A lot of me this tendency to schedule meetings about everything is exacerbated in a world where lots of people are working from home. You can't see your calling to casually ask for his feedback on your proposal. So you schedule a formal meeting to get his feedback and dust meetings proliferate.

Some of that is inevitable, but by being a bit more Mindful and strategic you can manage your meetings better.

Here's what you do by the time you start work on Monday morning. Take a good look at your calendar for the week. When do you have meetings? Summer? No doubt weekly recurring sorts of Summer one off types figure out how many hours you currently have booked into meetings. Then do a little triage. Do all these meetings have to happen. We talked in previous episodes about seeing what can be cancelled asked for agendas for anything that seems if he anything that is a one-on-one checking might be better approached as a quick phone call. So go ahead and make that call the goal is to reduce the overall meeting load.

Then once you're clear on what staying figure out what you need to prepare for when people get busy they just start tromping from one thing to the next like middle schoolers changing classes. Where's my to my 3 my for this can be a harrowing experience if you suddenly realize that the three involves a complicated pitch to a not entirely friendly audience or if you're going to be asked at the two for your opinion on a rather lengthy document. So figure out when you can prepare for anything that requires preparation and Marquis times on your calendar.

And finally take a step back and look at the landscape not all meetings for the week will be set by Monday morning, of course, but when you see what time is available you can decide what time is good for meetings and what isn't for instance if you got no meetings on Wednesday morning and 2 in the afternoon. I suggest that if someone asks to meet on Wednesday you offer any remaining afternoon slots that leaves the morning open for individual focused work. One of the most aggravating parts of organizational life is that people feel their schedules are chopped up. They never have time to achieve that state of flow.

Some of this is inevitable, but some is self-imposed. You don't have to give Wednesday morning away. Unless there's a really good reason.

The upside of mapping out your meetings and that you could approach the weak feeling far more confident and ready for what's to come. You'll Steward your energy appropriately you'll perform better in the meetings that happen and there may be fewer of them and they'll happen at times at work better for you given how draining meetings can be. That's really the best possible outcome.

So today approach your calendar with this strategic Spirit Mac your meetings for the week and see what you can do to make your work life feel more doable.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to succeeding in the new corner office.

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