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NPR News: 09-16-2020 5AM ET

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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly came Sally is nearing landfall along the Gulf Coast of Alabama. It's a category 2 storm with Todd sustained winds of 105 miles per hour. It's not far off the coast and forecasters. Say the storm could come ashore near Mobile Bay NPR's Debbie Elliott is in Gulf shores along the Alabama Coastline or officials are worried about severe flooding from the slow-moving hurricane could reach. Well Inland Angel to inflict major damage along the Gulf Coast and even further Northwood as it moves in Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves urged caution, because hurricane Sally's path has been unpredictable forecast of rain in some places Debbie Elliott NPR news.

Call Shores Alabama wildfires continue burning across much of the western US 1 battalion chief with Cal Fire map says this year's fires are the worst. He seen nearly 17,000 firefighters are battling fires in California by dozens of air tankers and about 200 helicopters dropping water from the air John Matheny lives in Arcadia near Los Angeles for a fast-moving Wildfire is threatening homes there a few days ago. If you know, what was way down to the East and I wasn't worried about it and all of a sudden it just came across without any wind. I couldn't believe it heavy smoke from the fires has resulted in poor air quality across much of California, Oregon and Washington State loophole from NPR the Robert Wood Johnson foundation in the Harvard th Chan School of Public Health finds people of color in the US are being disproportionately affected the Naturally by the corona.

Virus pandemic NPR's Ritu Chatterjee reports the national poll found that Latinos blacks and Native Americans have been the hardest hit by financial problems during the pandemic 72% of Latinos reported facing serious financial problems, 46 defense at the views of all their savings 60% of blacks and 55% of Native Americans that they're facing serious Financial issues that's compared to 36% of whites. Who said this Robert London is at the Harvard Chan school and oversaw the pole by this epidemic unbelievable, I'm just trying to cope with their day-to-day life kisses to higher rates of infection and death in these communities makes it even harder for them to cope financially with the tragedy. NPR news Dow futures are up 104 points this morning. This is NPR news from Washington.

Japan has a new prime minister earlier today yoshihide Suga was elected by the country's Parliament to replace shinsou Ave. Japan's longest serving prime minister last month Ave announced his intention to step down at age 65 citing health concerns the coronavirus pandemic and the country's economy are expected to be the top issues facing Suga as he takes office the UN estimates at least 24 million children around the world could end up dropping out of school because of the coronavirus NPR's mirka de says the UN is urging countries to make the reopening of schools a top priority 192 countries closed down schools leaving 1.6 billion children without access to in-person learning according to UNICEF even now UNICEF says half of the world students some 870 million children are unable to return to school and that can leave children more vulnerable to physical and emotional violence.

Mental health issues and child labor given these potentially devastating effects. The World Health Organization says school closures should be a last resort and only in areas where there is intense local transmission NPR news in India now tops 5 million earlier today the country's Health Ministry reported more than 90,000 new cases over the past 24 hours total fatalities from covid-19 in India are more than 82,000 that's behind only the US and Brazil.

I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington
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