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NPR News: 09-18-2020 12AM ET

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Live from NPR to Saint Giles Snyder as Gulf Coast residents begin cleaning up from Hurricane. Sally rescue teams have been using high water vehicles to reach people cut off by flooding in places including Pensacola in the Florida Panhandle coming around to Santa says the state is dealing with a second round of flooding because of Sally's heavy rains through. I just remember that widespread River flooding is ongoing and it continued I'm over the next week in different parts of Florida. And so Sally nail dumping rain in parts of the Carolinas Southern Virginia and Washington DC and Atlanta Reign from Sally's being blamed for numerous traffic crashes and downed power lines. Oregon could see some relief from Wildfire smoke coming rain that's expected. Oregon public broadcasting. Samira pal reports air quality has been rated as hazardous for the past week that's due to wildfires that have now burned more than 1 million acre.

Across the state David Bishop with a National Weather Service in Portland says the incoming rain it should help improve air quality by quote mixing the atmosphere junk smoke particulate matter that will enable it to mix out and just kind of clean the air out just a little bit firefighting efforts for NPR news. I'm Mira Powell in Portland during a Thursday evening rally in Wisconsin be called for a statute to ban burning the American flag in protest. It's a freedom protected by the Supreme Court earlier Thursday Trump spoke at the National Archives to promote a pro-american lesson plan in schools. The President Trump campaigning was in Wisconsin is democratic. Rival Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania participating in a town hall event Biden took the president's task over his assertions that a Coronavirus

Vaccine maybe only weeks away saying it's just not rational the CDC meanwhile release new guidance this week to help School District to side when it's safe to reopen school buildings and purest Corey Turner reports. The update is being welcomed by school officials. The CDC has already offered guidance for school re-openings. The difference this time is the agency included what school leaders have been clamoring for since the pandemic began a color-coded system that rates a districts risk level from highest risk of transmission to lowest without this guidance schools and health departments have been on their own for 6 months in trying to decide what's safe. And what's not the bad news. Is that an analysis by dr. Ashish? Jha the dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University found that 88% of people live in counties where the risk is rated either higher or highest Cory Turner NPR news NPR

The US has joined about two dozen other countries and expressing concern about the internet shutdowns and Belarus the statement came at the end of a visit by Lithuania is for a minister who is encouraging the US and Europe to do more to protista to us support a protest movement. It's imperious Michele kelemen reports.

They just said he's worried that the US and Europe tend to do too little too late. He wants to see more sanctions on those in Belarus who have been cracking down on protesters in the wake of a disputed election not enough to express concerns. We have to really provide assistance to those people to find a way how to support Civil Society through media Impressions the countries that signed a joint statement condemning internet shutdowns in Belarus. The statement says quote human rights must be protected online just as they are protected offline, Michele kelemen NPR News Washington most of the week after winning the women's singles title at the US Open Japan's Naomi Osaka has pulled out of the upcoming French Open in a message posted to social media Osaka said, she's still bothered by a hamstring injury from last month. She works heavy tape tour the US Open the fridge is due to start in 10 days having been postponed because of the pandemic the financial markets in Asia.

Slightly higher in Friday trading following losses on Wall Street, Japan's Benchmark. Nikkei was little changed in morning trading for the markets in South Korea, Australia Hong Kong. And China edging high are Wall Street was pulled over Thursday because of another site at tech stocks. This is NPR.
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