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Hi, I'm Brian Huskey. I'm bald and I'm Charlie Sanders. I'm also called and we want to talk to people about it. Did you know that the less hair you have the more interesting? You become course. Everybody knows that well on our podcast all talk. We interview people about being involved will enjoy this too. I mean the show is about perception insecurity vanity just like human stuff. You wouldn't believe the things that come up in a ball talk on the iHeartRadio app Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcast. Welcome to before breakfast a production as iHeartRadio.

Good morning. This is Laura. Welcome to the before breakfast podcast. Today's tip is about a genius method of corralling small items and being able to tidy up faster use trays and baskets and the Clutter will seem far more under control.

I don't know if you've noticed this but in my house any item on a Surface tends to attract more clutter to it people feel a slight tinge of guilt about leaving an item on a clear counter. But if there's something else there pile it up the solution would seem to be to leave all surface is completely clear up. But of course this isn't practical some stuff needs to be accessible and some of us this is definitely my personality forget stuff exists when we don't see it. I actually forgot about a bag of my favorite candy that I had it in my desk drawer once I love that candy, but out of sight out of mind it is possible that if my toothbrush went on my bathroom counter, I might forget to brush my teeth. So an intermediate solution is to use a little trays for curling all items. Do you need to be on a Surface without making the surface of free for all?

Any item that needs to be on the surface goes on a tray or in a little basket and the rest of the surface remains clear this provides a natural limit on how many things can go on the surface which can be helpful and still makes the surface look relatively neat and a bonus. If you do need to make the Surface completely clear just whisk the trailer of the basket off somewhere else in the cupboard in a closet. This is a five-second operation and a reversible one too because as soon as the surface no longer needs to be clear you take it back out.

There are some variations on this thing for instance all spring. I kept my homeschooling binder and papers on one corner of the kitchen island the rest of the island had to be clear but I acknowledge that that one corner could have stuff things could still be kept relatively clear that way and whisked off to another place if they needed to be

in any case if you have surfaces that tend to get cluttered but you can't go cold turkey on having them completely cleared try using a tray or a basket. The surface will look better you limit the amount of stuff on display and you'll be able to tidy up faster when necessary that's a win all the way around.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to making the most of our time.

Hey everybody. I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pod. That's be the number for then breakfast pod. You can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcast at that before breakfast is spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much. I look forward to staying in touch.

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