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My from NPR news on Korva Coleman President Trump says he is considering sending federal law enforcement officers to certain cities to Quail violence. But is NPR's Martin County reports mayor say they don't want that kind of help federal law enforcement has been active in recent Days Inn, Downtown Portland, Oregon where daily protests of occasionally become violent President Trump says the feds had to go in because local officials are quote weak and Afraid the Portland's mayor and the mayors of five other cities have sent the administration of letter calling the use of federal officers and abuse-of-power. One of the signers is Seattle's mayor Jenny durkan what we don't need are federal forces on our streets that only makes things worse. It's not coordinated and it really has escalated things in Portland. The other Mayors have called on Congress to investigate Trump's use of federal officers Martin Koski NPR news. President Trump is reversing course on holding regular coronavirus briefings and BRZ.

Kyle Snyder reports the White House will resume the updates today with Trump planning to make regular appearances. It remains unclear how often he will appear but speaking to reporters in the Oval Office of president said he is Reviving The briefings to speak to the American people directly about the government's coronavirus response the briefings Hampton Inn near daily occurrence until late April when the White House ended them soon after the president misspoke suggesting that ingesting disinfect. It might help prevent covid-19 White House is bringing back the briefings as a president poll numbers lack of states in the South and West continue to report large daily numbers of coronavirus cases. They were nearly 12,000 in California on Monday while Texas reported more than 7,400 cases Texas has been close to or surpassed 10,000 cases daily in the past few days. So has Florida

Has coronavirus cases increase around the country more us Governors are mandating that residents wear masks, but could this move help of would return to lockdowns many scientists say yes and beers and read eisenmann explains researchers at the University of Washington recently reviewed dozens of studies comparing outcomes in places where Matthews was low with one Ripon High your conclusion, if 95% of people wear cotton masks when interacting with other people each infected person will go on to infect 30% fewer people and forty thousand deaths would be avoided between now and November 1st largely based on that evidence. She's Josh director of Harvard Global Health Institute says, he thinks widespread mask use could have hurt the need for shutdowns in Brewing hot spots. We've never try to use masses are primary strategy when brakes are dispatched, but he says we've got to at least give it a shot.

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The FBI says the suspect who apparently killed the son of a federal judge in New Jersey on Sunday. He is dead. They say that Roy denhollander is the suspect wanted for wounding the judge's husband as well as her son los. He's not injured the suspects body was discovered across the state line in New York. He was a lawyer who said he specialized in anti-feminist litigation. The Commerce department has added 11 Chinese companies to a list of entities implicated in human rights abuses in China as far west as NPR's John ruwitch reports. The designation means the companies will face restrictions on access to items originating in the US the Commerce Department says the companies were implicated in rights violations that abuse has in sinkiang it says the Chinese government is engaged in a campaign of repression in the Regent home to the uighur ethnic group 9 of the companies were put on the list in connection with forced-labor involving uyghurs and other Muslims in sinkiang to were added to the list in connection with conducting genetic analyses that the timer

Department says were used to further the repression in sinkiang. The companies will have restricted access to items from the us including Commodities and Technology edition of the companies to the SD list comes at a time of almost daily action by the Trump Administration against China John ruwitch NPR News, Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals. Say that for their season home opener Thursday, they've asked dr. Anthony falchi to throw out the first pitch the nation's top infectious disease specialist recently testified and Capitol Hill wearing a mask and that's been found. His mask was emblazoned with the Nationals logo on it. This is NPR.
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