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Line from NPR news on Korva Coleman treasury secretary Steven mnuchin and white house chief of staff Mark Meadows with me privately today with house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and send it to mccratic later Chuck Schumer. They're trying to reach agreement on the outlines of a possible new coronavirus relief built one pressing issue is the extra $600 payment that have been added recently do Americans unemployment checks tourist that program will expired before the end of this month but makes no sense to cut back at a time when we have over 20 million unemployed and we have the greatest economic crisis since Great Depression to cut back on unemployment insurance makes no sense whatsoever. He spoke with CNN President Trump is changing his mind about regular coronavirus breathe thinks the White House is set to revive them today and NPR's Giles Snyder reports. The president is planning to make regular appearances.

President Trump has been focusing more on the economy since ending the near daily coronavirus briefings in late April soon after the president misspoke suggesting that ingesting disinfectant might help prevent covid-19, but now pull show about the president lagging behind Democratic rival Joe Biden and a large number of Americans disapproving of how he is handling the pandemic in the Oval Office. Monday Trump said, he's bringing the briefings back claiming. They were very popular. We had a lot of people watching record numbers watching in the history of cable television television has never been anything like it bring a face mask after resisting being seen publicly in 1 4 months. Trial Snyder NPR news Democratic presidential candidate. Joe Biden is proposing to spend nearly three-quarters of a trillion dollars on social programs is plan with Target improve care for older Americans increase low income families tax credits and offer preschool to Children Age 2 3 and 4 he pay for this.

Reducing tax breaks for certain Real Estate Investors. The Kremlin denies. It has ever interfered in the United Kingdom's electoral process that UK has released a report on Russian influence campaigns and fears Lucy and Kim reports from Moscow. It finds Russia try to interfere in Scotland's independence. Vote in 2014. The British parliamentary report comes after accusations of Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States and France speaking to reporters in Moscow Kremlin spokesman Dmitry peskov, emphatically denied any Russian involvement. Russia has never interfered in the elections of any country and cannot tolerate interference of other countries and its own domestic politics relations between London and Moscow have been at a low point after former Russian Intelligence Officers living in England started getting poisoned in attacks blamed on Russia, Lucy McKim NPR news Moscow.

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Georgia Democrats have tapped a candidate to run for the seat held by the late congressman and civil rights icon. John Lewis. He died last Friday, Georgia Democratic party chair and state senator. Nikema Williams has been selected. She said she'll campaign for healthcare voting rights and workers. Pakistan is threatening to block the popular app Tik Tok as NPR's. Diaa Hadid reports the country's telecommunication Authority says it up Jax to some of the content Allowed by Tick Tock countries around the world is scrutinizing TiK ToK by the sword of daughter to paint some uses but in Pakistan authorities have a different base here. The Telecom Authority says Tick Tock has been issued its final warning are the complaints of quote immoral obscene and Volga content. The app is largely used by young people here to make short videos of themselves dancing and lip syncing to music and it's what a statement The Authority says, it's already blocked the streaming app for the same concerns as a ban on the popular online battle.

Notice pugb Pakistani authorities have long tried to police social media usage. They had a damn keanu's Islamabad Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals. Say that their season home over on Thursday. They have asked dr. Anthony falchi to throw out the first pitch the nation's top infectious disease specialist recently testified on Capitol Hill wearing a mask. A Nationals fan fell cheese mask was emblazoned with the Nationals logo on it. Nationals will face the New York Yankees for their home opener on Thursday.

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