NPR News Now - NPR News: 09-20-2020 9PM ET

NPR News: 09-20-2020 9PM ET

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Live from NPR news on Jeanine Herbst president to nominate and vote on the Supreme Court before the election but it's not clear if Senate Republicans have the votes to do. So Senator Susan Collins and Lisa murkowski say they oppose such a move just weeks before the election Edison. Mara liasson reports the battle over the high court seat is reshaping the campaign's the vacancy makes the fight for control of the Senate even more intense Democrats need to pick up three or four seats to win back control and they're hoping the reaction to the decision by the president to push through a conservative replacement for Ginsburg with just a few weeks till election day will energize their base voters who understand that Obamacare and the right to an abortion could be overturned by a 6-3 conservative majority Court funding for Democratic Senate candidates broke records in the hours after Ginsburg death was announced but Republicans say the vacancy

Bring back many Republican voters who care about the courts, but who had soured on President Trump's behavior and tweeting Mara liasson NPR news from Connecticut says she has tested positive for the coronavirus as NPR's. They've missed its report a says she will quarantine for 14 days. And then she has no symptoms except for breathing issues what she says are being monitored in a series of tweets Saturday. Hey, so she tested positive ones. We've included a video for being tested while sitting in a vehicle. She says contrary to popular belief members of Congress are not tested regularly. He says the experience of her and her staff underscore the need for a national testing strategy with speedy and accurate results. She says the level of anxiety and uncertainty around testing this quote untenable at least 15 members of the house in two senators have tested positive since March other members of Congress have been forced to quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus Republican Senate.

Shelley Moore capital of West Virginia and Ron Johnson Wisconsin are currently under quarantine Dave Mustaine NPR news release a body camera footage in cases of alleged police misconduct at her office investigates up until now the release the footage has been up to the discretion of local authorities. But this process has caused confusion delays and a Pampered transparency in a system. That should be as open as possible.

James Wolk in Rochester, which has been in turmoil since the footage of Daniel proves Suffocation death while in police custody was released more than five months after his death. Jane says our office will proactively release footage to the public on our own but it's unclear. How many cases will be affected by the policy Attorney. General's office doesn't review all footage of police interactions with the public. You're listening to NPR news.

There will be fewer International observers coming to monitor the u.s. Presidential election because of the pandemic Terry Schultz reports the team from the organization for security and cooperation in Europe. The osce will be scaled back from the several hundred originally planned the osce election monitoring unit the office for Democratic institutions in human rights has had to cut back its work around the world to do the coronavirus monitor emissions are organized at the request of the host government and the US has requested such a team since 2002 the organization's calculation for this year's US Post called for 400 short-term observers to watch voting Day activities with a hundred more deployed to assess the long-term implications, but supposed to make putty under says that's no longer possible safety concerns as well as continuing travel restrictions caused by the pandemic a creating huge challenges for all our election related activities will be no short-term Observer at all.

dentist 30 long-term monitors for NPR news on Terry Schultz in Brussels

in Italy voters are heading to the polls today and tomorrow in the government's first test following the country's covid-19 lockdown that devastated the economy a constitutional referendum calling for reducing the number of parliament members by 1/3 is on the ballot and seven regions will choose new Governors low turnout is likely and is Italy's first pandemic election. The country has seen an uptick in covid-19 cases in recent weeks has contracts are trading slightly positive at last check on Jeanine Herbst NPR news.
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