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Good morning. This is Laura. Welcome to the before breakfast podcast. Today's tip is to use before and after photos and middle photos to track and celebrate progress.

Book organizing From the Inside Out author Julie Morgenstern suggest using before and after photos of areas. You've organized to motivate your efforts. For example, when you see how much better your pantry looks after you organized it that it did before you'll be much more motivated to maintain the tidiness of that area and perhaps you'll be motivated to organize another area to we're all familiar with the before and after photos from home renovations the bigger the contrast the better.

But while using before and after photos is great for fueling your projects, I think adding some middle photos to the mix can help in situations where progress is perhaps even more incremental.

It can be hard to see change when you look at something everyday, but photos taking a little bit of time apart can make change far more apparent.

I was thinking of this recently with cleaning out our backyard pool. We got away for a few weeks and during that time nature took over as nature tends to do returning things to a wild State we came back to it look like a pond green algae bugs the whole bit. I went in each day to clean a little run the pump move around the water and each day didn't look that much different from the day before but over the course of seven days. We went from pond to a reasonably inviting pool by noting the progress in the middle. I was able to stay motivated even during those middle Green Day's

This incremental nature of progress happens with all sorts of things take exercise. If you're starting a new strength training program. For instance. Be sure to take a photo of yourself at the beginning that you can envision your Rippling after photo if you'd like, but we are never really done with our fitness Journeys. So be sure to take it appreciate middle photos snap the photo one month in two months then and so forth. The photos will let you watch as your muscles become more toned and your posture improves.

You don't see this looking in the mirror everyday, but you will definitely see it over the course of a few months.

Teachers use the technique of using periodic snapshots to demonstrate growth all the time. That's basically what assessments are supposed to do you check understanding at various points. If you are playing an active role in your kids education this fall you can use snapshots in time to track their growth to videotape your kids reading and save a sample of their writing from the first month of school then take another reading video and save another writing sample from around fall break then from around Thanksgiving and so forth with the time lapse your progress will be discernible.

You and they will feel good about their reading and writing skills and you'll feel good about your teaching to.

There's a certain truism with time management that we overestimate what we can do in the short run but we underestimate what we can do in the long run the key to sticking with stuff for the long run is feeling like we're getting somewhere. I can be hard to notice our own progress or our kids when it happened slowly, but when we use before middle and after photos or other snapshots and were able to track growth and celebrate it.

Photos of hard evidence that progress is happening, which keeps us feeling good and fired up to make even more progress.

In the meantime, this is Laura. Thanks for listening. And here's to making the most of our time.

Hey everybody. I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram at before breakfast pod. That's be the number for then breakfast pod. You can also shoot me an email at before breakfast podcast at that before breakfast is spelled out with all the letters. Thanks so much. I look forward to staying in touch.

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